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Icon Leather Jackets - Your thoughts please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Blackbird06, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Just trying to get an idea of the quality and reputation of leather jackets out there other than the obvious Dainese and Alpinestars.
    Just wondering what people thought of Icon?

  2. I've got a Teknic leather jacket and have been very happy with it. I bought it because it fitted best. First thing I look at with a jacket is the quality of the zip. A flimsy zip is a sure sign of cost cutting and sure, you can get it replaced but its a big headache when it jams or breaks.
  3. I've got an Icon Kitty jacket, I can't fault it.
    It has super heavy duty zips, excellent body armour and the stitching is really strong.
  4. I have an RJays leather jacket and love it. It isn't body-hugging in look like the Dainese but it has really thick leather, removable lining, plastic elbow and shoulder guards, great qual zips and looks great - tops!. The back protector is a little pissweak though.
  5. Got an Icon pursuit. Had a lowside with it, it didn't break, I'm still using it I love it.

    But oh yeah... sometimes the sizing is off... depending on the model.
  6. Have the Daytona in an XL, I'm about 5'10" and 87kg. It's a 'relaxed' cut so the midsection is pretty big, straightcut and non-figure hugging, while the chest and shoulders will be a fair bit tighter if you have some size on you.

    It's my first leather jacket so I'm not exactly qualified to compare, but it's nice thick leather and the armour feels solid. Haven't tested it against the road and fingers crossed I never will. Lets a bit of wind in, even with sleeve/side/shoulder vents closed, simply because the stomach section is too big for me, due to the relaxed cut thing.

    If you plan on wearing full gauntlet gloves, you won't really be able to comfortably wear them over the sleeves, unless you have massive hands and noodle arms. The cut of the jacket has 'baggy' sleeves. I can get the sleeves in the gauntlet if I put my mind to it... but the hassle and discomfort mean that I simply put the gloves on then the jacket, so gauntlet on the inside.

    Armour sits where it should when the jacket is on, the foam backpad is a horrible excuse for a piece of protection though I'd assume this is the case with all jackets. Liner is pretty warm, haven't really had weather where I've needed it out so can't comment on that. The sides are perforated as well as the zip up section of the sleeves though.

    There isn't any zipper/loop setup to hook them to pants or jeans, if that's important to you. Can't think of anything else... I can get pics up if you're keen to see it in the flesh as opposed to just pics on sites.
  7. Thanks heaps mewnz, your review gives me some good info as the Daytona is the Icon jacket I am most interested in.
    If it aint too much trouble, the photos would be great.
    I am very similar in height and weight and after the relaxed fit type jacket - but you mentioned the mid section is pretty big, would a size L fit better/still be relaxed or would it compromise shoulder, arm fit and tighten mid section etc?
    Just on the gloves, is it awkward wearing them inside the sleeves of this jacket, or would that really depend on the type of glove?
  8. #8 mewnz, Aug 27, 2008
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    Size L would be a better fit, I'm planning on using a back protector + putting on weight which is the main reason I got the XL.

    As far as gloves, I'm using the GP Pro's from alpinestars, and they're fine inside the sleeve.

    This review is what I based my sizing off, he's wearing a size L so if you're a similar build you can see how that fits.


    I'll try and get pics up tonight, I've got the black and yellow. :)
  9. I always wear my gloves on the inside out of habit. Keeps the rain out, oh and leather jackets are meant to be tight and will feel awkward when not in the riding position. So when you try it on go and sit on a similar bike to ensure fit is OK. Bike jackets are not meant to be worn around like a fashion leather jacket. So tight is good, loose not.
  10. Massive thread reserection I know, but since vic doesn't mind the practice, :cheeky:

    I just went and got a medium white Automag Suzuki from motomummy while the dollar was good, sizing from just the given chart on the net, and it fits well. One thing to note though, it seems Icon across most of their jackets have quite large bicep areas and this is no different. I wear my gloves underneath the sleeves also, and while tight, it's comfortable.
  11. I have the retro dayona

    And its fantastic, VERY heavy, i have a size 56 (XL?) Decent airflow, gauntlet style gloves fit over the sleeves just fine.
  12. I make my own brand :)

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  13. I have a red Icon 'Accelerant' (18months old now) which once again is very heavy but seems to offer pretty good protection. Its mainly a fair weather item, but it has amazingly kept me dry during short downpours and continuous light drizzle. It is well vented and winter riding requires some additional high-collar & windproof under-jacket wear.