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Icon Jacket sizing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by scarecrow, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. I'm after an icon jacket from the US but i'm stumped as to the sizing, tried on Joe Rocket, Collins and Alpinestars yesterday and was a 42 in all of those... not sure if that's a 42 european, american, or what, but they were all marketed as a "42".

    My chest is 35" (around the nipples), and belly 30".

    Was wondering if someone could comment on, or give me suggestions, for Icon sizing.
  2. there is an ad in a current bike mag for these jackets,.

    someone is importing them

    i'll find the add

  3. Gas Imports
    03 9338 1664
  4. I'm in NSW so they won't be too much help to me :( I haven't heard of any of the local shops sourcing Icon gear around Sydney otherwise i'd be there in a heartbeat to try a jacket or two on.
  5. you can try http://www.newenough.com/intl/
    they send clothing over from america, im about to order my second icon jacket from them(my first one was too large as i didnt know bike leathers should be tightish). on this site it has sizing in inches around the chest and stomach and a breif review which can sometimes give info on the fit.

    (my first post in a while, i was MIA for a while)
  6. I recall that they have a NSW number as well. I'm at the office so i'll have to wait till I get home before I can dig that up.
  7. That's where I was going to order from :) How much is it costing you to exchange sizes? If you don't mind, would you be able to tell me what size you got that was too large, and the size of your chest (measured under your arms) and belly?
  8. Gas Imports Australia Pty Ltd
    VIC, SA, TAS, WA, NZ 03 9338 1664
    QLD, NSW, NT 07 3219 8933

    Not sure if they'll sell directly to the public as the ad says "Ask your dealer to call".
  9. its a Large daytona jacket which is listed at 44 max chest size and 38 max belly size.. my chest size is about 37, and belly is 35 which means i should have gotten a medium. it is very noticable that the size is too large while im riding (the jacket tends to ride up off my shoulders).

    I am not exchangeing sizes, ive been wearing the one thats too large for a few months now.. it will become a spare and my friends can use it if they pillion as itd be about the right size for them...
  10. I ended up going a small, 36-38" chest size Icon reckons, i'm a 36. Should arrive wednesday :) All up with express tracked and insured shipping cost me $470aud (including paypal's currency conversion fees) for a black Icon Motorhead.
  11. Does anyone know what a 46 in dianese leather titainium jacket is in ICON? Looked at the site and really confusing bout the sizing! All the jackets here in OZ say im a 46 but this is small for bike jackets!
  12. Pull out the old measuring tape mate and sling it around your chest under your armpits, then use the sizing chart on newenough or on the icon website (www.rideicon.com) to get an idea of the size you need.

    I'm a 42 on all the gear i've tried in Aus (joerocket, alpinestar, collins) and have a 36" chest as measured above.