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icon fall 2011 range

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MT1, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. just noticed the new releases for this year. some nice new stuff and designs.
    in stores now too.

  2. I have a Icon Airframe - very comfortable around town but after about 30 minutes at 100kph it feels like I have a skewer being insert in my forehead.
  3. I WANT the hard luck jacket. I'm getting it. I don't care how much it costs. I will beg Sharptune to order one in and layby it for me.
  4. victory jackets are the same fit and sizing as daytona or motorhead jackets. should be able to find and try one of those on here.
  5. thanks for the tip. Damn, have to see if I can save $777 usd before they're all gone. Maybe they'll layby it for me overseas...

    edit: centrelink advance :D
  6. Kernel,
    My jacket's a motorhead in large. You can have a look next time you're around.
  7. I am guaranteed two of the Hard Luck jackets... I may part with one...
  8. I will have one XL Hard luck Jacket for sale... Offers now being taken...;) possibly a large one also... Make me an offer if you want one of these awesome jackets... I will have it in about 45 days, but I WILL have it and I will be selling it... I got two but I will be keeping one... Let me know people...;) Serious money from a serious person for a SERIOUSLY bad assed jacket...
  9. the over abundance of zippers and buckles concerns me from a safety perspective
  10. that hard luck jacket is total gixxxxxxxar spec.......

    i hate it.
  11. decided that my money is better spent on more important things than another jacket
  12. she'd probably be better off riding something else.......
  13. Let's face it... Like Icon's Metal God jacket... The Hard Luck is not the jacket to ride in... But it is a super cool limited edition jacket that collectors will want... Let me know if any of you seriously are interested in the one I am going to sell...;)
  14. I have a large Icon Hardluck jacket for sale. Number 97 out of 100. If anyone is interested, make me an offer. The longer I have it the more I will ask for it. Hit me up and we can do it through PayPal... This is an awesome jacket and pictures do it no justice. Makes the Metal God look almost plain... ;)
  15. I am in the market for this jacket in Large size if anyone wants to part with it. Thanks
  16. Is the jacket still available??
  17. wow why would anyone want such an unbelievably disgusting jacket.

    You would look like the biggest gronk wearing that.