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Icon Elsinore 1000

Discussion in 'Boots' started by QuarterWit, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I couldn’t think of a piece of apparel that excites me less than motorbike boots.

    They’re generally pretty ugly, sometimes uncomfortable and pretty expensive. So I put off buying some dedicated boots for a lot longer than I should have.

    So while doing some late night internet hunting and gathering I came across these, the Icon Elsinore 1000s. A bit more to my taste than the standard robot boot that I’ve been wearing before. (Some kind of ultra-expensive spidi thing that I got for free.) They look a lot like old motocross boots which have come back in fashion now, particularly amongst the hipster-bobber-bearded crowd.

    I’ve done about 10,000k’s in these now in different kinds of weather so I thought I’d chuck up a few notes as there isn’t really all that much information about them on the net.
    They’re built like a brick shithouse and have a very hefty, solid feel to them. The sole isn’t all that flexible so they don’t make ideal walking boots. That being said they are very comfortable – just a bit clumsy if you’re going to be walking around the shops all day or something like that. They are very bloody conspicuous – you can’t really fit them under a pair of jeans so unless you’re carrying your helmet with you when you’re walking around you will look very odd indeed.

    The buckles on the side are really just there for fine adjustment as there is a zipper on the inside to get them on and off with. They also have a little elasticated ankle soft spot thingie protector.

    Oddly enough, they are pretty damn water resistant. As long as you don’t have your pants tucked into them, I’ve ridden them through some very heavy downpours and haven’t had any damp seep through. They're very good in the cold - with no real spots for wind to get through, and they aren't too bad in the heat either - that being said I haven't really worn them in the worst parts of our summer.

    Overall, I bought these as a bit of a novelty, expecting to get another boot for dedicated touring or longer day trips out. These were just an excuse for me to find something a little different to wear that would be a step up above docs or workboots I have sitting around. But they’re actually a legitimate, protective boot. Certainly not as good as the really technical race style boots a lot of people wear, but even if I bought another pair of those, I wouldn't wear them anyway.

    They aren’t that expensive either. I picked mine up on eBay for around $250 delivered and sizing was the same as cons. I was originally going to get the brown, which look amazing, but chickened out as they’d look a little odd with a black jacket.

    Anyway, recommended.

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  2. Good write up, have been in love with the majority of the Icon 1000 line since its' release
  3. Thanks for the write up. Have liked them since I saw them a year ago.

    Probably my next pair. :)
  4. Good review, your stuff is getting better. Not the writing or reviewing per se, but there's less of your arse in this review.
  5. Funny you say that. I took a photo of my boots in front of the tv where if you looked carefully you could see my ballsack, but I decided against it at the last minute.
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  6. Update - it's been a while but the boots are now 100% non-waterproof. Maybe it's because they're broken in know. Ah well.
  7. Good to see a review of these, I've been looking at a pair, debating between the black ones and the 'Evil Kenevil' coloured ones for the WTF factor. how long did it take to get them to Aus?