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Icon clothing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by captainmorgan, May 8, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know if Icon clothing is sold in Australia, if so, who sells it? I like some of their boots.

  2. there is an Icon clothing in Aus, it is teh distributer for yakka Lee and several other brands...
    But i don't think that is what you are looking for.
  3. I have seen motorhead boots in a few shops in Brisbane.
  4. Icon were meant to be distributing in Feb 2006 (rep from bike show did confirm) however, as with anything they run behind schedule. When it will actually happen no one seems to know - been asking around with no answers. You can purchase them from the US online which is how I got mine however, in saying this I was disappointed by the leather quality of the jackets and they also seemed to be made large ie.. i would normally wear a medium and i ended up with a small.
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  6. +1. The bike show in Melb last year had an Icon display. I was after the Neo Daytona Hero - Womens (2005 range) which is now discontinued :(. They were meant to be importing the 2006 range through GAS imports early this year. I know a few stores that will import to Australia if you dont want to wait indefinately for stock here, but like Ki Ki said, you cant be sure of size and quality unless you've tried it on.

    The O/S stores have to display RRP for ICON, so you have to email and get an instant reply of their special pricing. They all import to OZ.

    - Private quote for Timax - $473.35US Size S-XXXL.
    - http://www.Island-Racing.com/IRicon.htm for their discount pricing ($443.95 for Timax)

    Hope this helps.
  7. last time i was in there Floyd Park Kawka (Ferntree Gully) had a fair amount icon gear in stock, and seemed willing to order anything else
  8. Raceway were also willing t oorder in if you want stuff , was there yesterday and was asking about some gear.
  9. i couldnt find a local distributor so ordered a jacket and gloves from new enough.com.

    Was very happy with the service and i got it in 5 days.

    The jacket (daytona) seems to be good quality and lots of features esecially for the price, but there is the problem that i probably could have gotten a medium instead of a large.

    The gloves (pursuit) seem to be quite thin though in some areas, the thumb and that section of the palm. but they are armoured on the knuckles. i guess its great for feel and not so great for protection.
  10. How did you know what was the best size to get? Did you use the measurements according to the Icon website? Does your jacket come with a zip to connect pants to?
    I'm looking at getting the leather Timax2, it's one of the nicest looking jackets I've seen.
  11. the guys from the new enough website do a small review on all their stock, and it seems unbiased as ive seen some un favourable comments on there. they have chest measurements and usually a small comment aswell for what sized jackets, for my choice they suggested getting the same size as regular clothes for this style which is why i got a large.

    the jacket i chose doesnt come with a zip to connect to pants.
  12. Besides your jacket being the wrong size, they sent me the wrong size gloves...and my jacket they sent me had a broken clip on the cuff. Which they replaced free of charge after we paid for the freight to the states and back.

    In the end Ki`Ki got the right size jacket, my gloves were correct and I had a new jacket....... which the same clip broke after the 2nd wearing.

    Couldn't be bothered with it afterwards so I just got use to it. Becareful. :wink: