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Icon Anthem Jeans & Motorhead Boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Danish, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. I bought a pair of Icon blue Anthem jeans and Icon black (stealth) Motorhead boots today. They were ordered in by Cairns Honda through a new Australian wholesaler who imports a limited range of Icon gear.

    I've been conducting a bit of research on Icon gear in the past two months and thought I'd finally make an order locally instead of ordering from the US.

    I'm very happy with the Icon Anthem jeans. They also come in black, however without the badges the blue type comes with. They are thick, heavy and seem like they are reinforced enough to provide enough protection. Mine are size 32, and that is my normal size. They have deep pockets at the back and knee vents that open when knee is bent, they are also long enough to cover the boot when you are riding. Price; AU$229.


    The Motorhead boots on the other hand are quite solid. There doesn't seem to be much gear lever feel, but they they would provide ample protection and have a reinforced ankle patch. I'm a size 12 Nike sneaker, I would probably have got these in size 11 if I could replace them. However, they still fit well. The only downside to these boots are the locking mechanism, kind of like ski boots. They seem a little flimsy and I don't trust that they will last long, i'm sure the black paint will scratch off faily quickly as well. Although, they are comfortable to walk. Retail Price; AU$268.00, you could probably get both of these cheaper if postage wasn't an issue from the US.


    Most online places won't advertise the price of Icon gear (Icon policy), you have to request it via email. This would definately give you bargaining power and you could get a better deal if you bought directly from the States.

    The only problem I have heard of with Icon products is that the Helmets receive very bad reviews. On the other hand, the Icon gloves, such as the Timax that have ample armour, are apparantly very good. I would like to buy the Timax gloves along with a Timax mesh jacket or Skulls leather jacket (however, leather may be too hot for this climate).

    Icon Website: http://www.rideicon.com/
  2. Glad you like it, well done. I actually quite like the locking mechanism. That's partly why I bought the motorheads, didn't want to fiddle with laces. Don't worry about longevity. Mine are about two years old and apart from a small scratch buckles still look like new.
  3. What sort of protection is in anthems btw. Are there extra patches on impact areas or just heavy denim? Any armor?
  4. That's good to hear vvp, I like the idea of the locking mechanism too, I don't like laces on motorcycle boots.

    I hope someone buys the gloves and a jacket so we can get some feedback.
  5. The jeans are much nicer looking than the Draggins, but those patches... :( Be nice to have blue with out the patches.
  6. Jimmy, they also have other styles of blue jeans. The patches actually look ok. The black Anthems don't have the patches.

    I orignally didn't like the patches, but they look good in person.
  7. hey i reckon those anthem pants with patches look cool! i'm looking online now to see if i can order in two pairs of jeans, different styles.

    anybody used any US sites?
  8. I ordered anthems from www.performancemoto.com/ebay.htm

    Paid $82.5 + $26 for postage via dhl. Was at my door in 4 days. I bought alpinstars alloy gloves with the pants. The total was about $220 aus.