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Icon Accelerant leather jacket :The review pg2:

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by The Phoenix, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. I'm thinking about buying this jacket from flyinbrian. Just want to know what peoples opinions are of this jacket and the icon brand in general. In terms of quality of workmanship/materials, durability, airflow…ect.


  2. Been looking at this jacket as well :]

    Can't say anything definitive, but newenough had this to say:

    "The Accelerant Leather jacket is a sharp combination leather and textile sport jacket. A sport jacket like this offers more of a sport cut as compared to some of Icon’€™s other leather jacket styles… a bit longer in the back and a bit more snug than most. The arms are pre-curved for comfort in a sport riding position. This jacket offers a great deal of climate control features. For cold weather use, there is a full sleeve thermal liner included. On warmer days the shoulder vents should create a good amount of airflow due to an elevated scoop placed above them to help guide the air through (take the “View Larger Pictures†link above.) The back and shoulders of the jacket have raised protection plates with alloy inserts that add to the safety and style of the jacket. Also included are CE approved shoulder and elbow armor and a foam back pad."
  3. Thanks, yeah I saw that little write up. The only negative I’ve read so far, is that it is heavy. Anyhoo I’ve gone ahead and placed an order for one. I'll post up a review when I get it.
    Ps: I also liked the quality of the Shift SR 1, but it was a little too flashy. :cool:
    I needed something more plain, that I can wear to work and hang in the office, without drawing too much attention to it.
  4. Probably doesn't help now, but I'm also looking at the Alpinestar 'Spinner' leather jacket... might be more up your alley?
  5. I considered the spinner jacket.

    I found for normal alpinestar jackets, I'd be a size 48ish, but when I tried on a SMALL in the spinner, it was too big - and they dont come in XS :(
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  7. looks pretty good.
  8. Just out of curiousity, where did you order it from? and for how much?

    I'd be interested to hear your review on it. The more I look at it, the better the jacket actually looks..haha

    I'm actually worried about it being too hot during summer due to the lack of ventilation.

    Also, do you know if it's waterproof?

  9. I bought it off E-bay from a store called Flyin Brians Deals. It’s listed as US$379.85 but I used the make an offer thing, and got it for US$259. So all up including postage it cost me AU$345. Here is the link.Flyin Brians Deals

    Yes is does not have an effective cooling system. :facepalm:

    I asked a guy in bike biz, if a $1500 jacket I was looking at, was water proof. He said “No leather jacket is water proofâ€. :shock: “Don’t let anyone sell you a leather jacket and tell you it’s water proofâ€. He said that leather doesn’t like water, and although it will keep you dry, you will ruin the jacket in the long run.
    So I guess no, not really waterproof. :-k
  10. Not all leathers aren't waterproof - waterproofed nubuck leather is. :)

    (That said, the only jacket/suit I've seen using the stuff so far is TigerAngel's Guardian gear, so as a rule of thumb "leather is not waterproof" is probably not that bad to go by)
  11. the IXON satanic Leather jacket claims to be waterproof.

    Would it be because this jacket has the waterproof liner though, and the leather itself isnt waterproof? So it's not really good to get the leather wet anyway? hehe
  12. When's the expected time of arrival on the jacket? hehe
  13. i tried this jacket on today at a local icon dealer and boy is it nice...
    seemed to fit me better than any of the other brands that i tried from other places...
    of course the 549 buck ticket price was a bit high, so im investigating the same route you are taking...

    also weighing up the normal v ventilated leather option
  14. Well the money finally appeared as a debit statement from my account today. man Pay Pal is slow… “instant†transaction my A$$. :roll: Back to the topic, they say it should take about 2 weeks. But other people I have spoken to, who have used this store said most of the time they take less than 5 days.
    A tip for anyone who plans on buying online, Get the extra postage insurance. I accidentally picked the slowest but cheapest option and now I regret it. It was only like $10 extra. :mad:
  15. I just bought an Alpinestars SMK leather jacket off Flyin Brians, hoping it can get me through the winter :shock: and paid for it on Thursday night, can't wait for it to arrive. So you say as long as 2 weeks but as little as 5 days? I paid that little bit extra too for postal insurance, thats something id recommend.
  16. They also sent me an e-mail saying they can source out pretty much any gear I want. I hope the 2 weeks delivery time is the maximum that could be expected. Maybe they just say that so you'll be extra impressed when it arrives early. [-o< :LOL: Make sure you post up your impressions of the SMK jacket and the service you got from them.
  17. Well the jacket has arrived. It was well packed and arrived with all tags intact. It looks like a great jacket and fits me very well. I must say this jacket looks great. It is not a track jacket. It is obviously meant to be worn on the street only.
    The armour is not the hard rigid shell you find in other jackets. But it is CE rated

    That’s about it for now. I’ll have a meticulous and comprehensive review after I have taken it on a few rides.
  18. That was fast!

    Review and photos please!
  19. “No leather jacket is water proofâ€[/i]. :shock: “Don’t let anyone sell you a leather jacket and tell you it’s water proofâ€. He said that leather doesn’t like water.

    So, cows get watterlogged when it rains then????
  20. No they stand in the shade.Duhhh..............
    just joking, I know what you mean. :p