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Icon 1000 availability

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Gurbachen, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know any stores in Melbourne that stock the Icon 1000 collection? I'm mostly after the boots and jackets to try on. Had a google but it didn't show anything

  2. in Melbourne, Australia ??
    maybe 10 years from now.

    allthough i think i saw some of the airmada helmets at AMX.
    meaning to get back and have another look. do want if price is comprable.

    i reckon if you know your size in a daytona or motorhead, should be same fit as the 1000 stuff.
    i'm holding of to see if they get some perforated stuff happenning in the range. just the wrong season over there
  3. boots are a gamble, though claimed to be the same fit as super duty.
    (and probably just as crap)
  4. The boots are badarse though, but I'd wanna check them out in person first thought. According to the revzilla vids the Icon 1000 Chapter jacket is perforated. I think I like the red best
  5. oh it does too. decent vents at the back to get the air through also.
    choosing which colour is the hardest part.
    but yeah the red is the loudest, why not.

  6. These don't look too bad..

  7. even better in Evel Knievel colours
  8. Oh man, that Icon 1000 stuff is really cool.

    I don't think I could pull it off, though....
  9. I don't know why but the other colours just seem a bit off to me. Normally I'd go with black but I don't like the red zippers for some reason, even though I like that colour combo most of the time. The brown is just a bit of a weird shade to me, although I run hot and cold depending on when I see it. The grey just looks weird to me, flat out. The red is easily my favourite.

    Yeah the Elsinore boots are what caught my eye in the first place, awesome looking things. I want the Elsinore boots and the Chapter jacket, not a huge fan of the gloves in the collection. I like the Roughshod pants but they're one size too small at their largest.

    I wouldn't wear them but it still looks awesome. They've got the gloves in that colour scheme too.

    Eh, wear what makes you happy, who cares how you look.
  10. sportbiketrackgear.com i stocks the entire range, not sure if they currently have stock as i didnt check for you. Great to deal with, i spruik them all the time for good reason.
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  11. Thanks bud but I'm looking for local availability so I can try stuff on :) Will keep them in mine when it comes time to order though, they might have better shipping than Revzilla or something
  12. ah yeah thats not going to happen. You wont be able to find the 1000 gear in australia at all.

    sportbiketrackgear will be able to give you an idea on sizing if you give them your measurements + sizes in other leather jackets by differing brands and then they can compare what a 46 dianese means in icon sizing.

    Bit of a gamble i know, but i took the same gamble with my boots and gloves and it paid off. Honestly i dont see you getting the jacket any other way, if it doesnt fit you could always send it back, though postage will kill you.
  13. The Icon 1000 stuff looks great. I am digging the boots although I wasn't sure on them at first. The jacket looks promising too, but having never tried any icon gear on I don't know if I'd be game to buy the jacket online.. Only problem with the boots is I've seen a couple of people talking about the tabs holding the straps on breaking, and in Australia it would be hard to get it replaced under warranty..

    The hell for leather blog gives the gear a good review too, apparently it fits well and looks as good as in pictures.

  14. Yeah I was afraid of that when the google search returned like two relevent links and the rest was nonsense. I think I'd need like an hour with a tailor to get my measurements right. Ah well, I don't even have a bike atm so it's not like I need the gear urgently. Also Revzilla has free exchange shipping or maybe free shipping in general or something...

    Ah you get problems in any production line, I've seen a few of the bad reviews too but when the ratio is like 10:1 in goods favour, sometimes you just take the chance.
  15. i would say all those deals are for us domestic customers only, i would expect to pay shipping should you need to return it, you will also need to pay shipping to get it here, probably nearly $100 for express id guess.
  16. Ugh, wankers could mention that in all their promo bullshit about how fantastic they are. Ah well
  17. Yeah it sucks about Icon availability i love their stuff, people rave about it aswell. I asked them why their presence is so crap in Australia they are having "supplier" issues apparently, some big name shop like Peter Stevens need to come onboard...

    Revzilla are good though :)
  18. At the end of the day having a shit market is ok, because then you can go to lots of effort to find a cool unique product from the states that you simply cant get here that is of higher quality and meets your needs more effectively for less in a lot of cases.

    And nobody else is going to be out there in the same gear, so you get to feel cool. e.g. my main riding jacket, there are two in the country and i have one, its not a participially expensive jacket, but its very nice and high quality, its much cooler that nobody else really is going to have one out there.

    TLDR go and buy a jacket from the states then you will get to go around looking sick because your not wearing the same Astars gp pro jacket like every scrub out there.
  19. I emailed fc-moto.de yesterday asking if they were going to stock it any time soon, their response was 'we don't have it in stock and don't intend to get it' basically. Replied asking for clarification. Weird that they have a lot of Icon but seem adamant about not stocking the 1000 line. Maybe a language issue from the dirty krauts
  20. Yeah I have been keen on this stuff for a while now and its getting to the point where those frequent flyer points I have saved up and now going to come in handy.