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iClint's Super Tenere ES

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by iClint, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Pretty chuffed as i bought a Yamaha Super Tenere Today


    Traded my VFR1200 for it partly because I am having trouble riding the VFR with my back and pelvis. Went out on a test ride for 40mins and could have kept riding all day very, very comfortable and no pain to speak of.

    The bike will better suit my planned rides for the near future as I tend to get back out on the road for 2-3 days at time with my camping gear. While being much more comfortable, this will also be my first bike with cruise control which will take some monotony out of the long straight boring bits.

    I also look forward to hitting some of the less traveled roads now to as the VFR wasn't much fun on rocky gravely dirt roads.

    Fingers crossed I should have the Tenere in 1-2 weeks and will do a full write up on it when I get it with follow up over time with the bike.
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  2. Looks the goods Clint.....
  3. Will be interesting to get your views on Yamaha vs Honda built quality.
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  4. I have a colleague who bought one last year, wishes he bought the GSA instead. He says build quality is not in line with other yamahas.
  5. Very nice Clint, did you order the hard luggage boxes with it? I was just looking at one on eBay last week, 2010 model in Blue and then watched the YouTube reviews about it. Amazing where this bike can take you off road ;)

    Look forward to seeing it in person.

    Hey, I would have been interested in getting your VFR had you told me you were planning on selling it.
  6. very nice8-|
  7. jalalskijalalski yeah I got the luggage, engine bars and Akrapovic pipe. I'll get my own skid plate and auxiliary lights. I'll also order in a set of Contiescapes to throw on and sell whatever road tyres come on it as new
  8. I also looked at the Tracer, which is very nice. It has a taller seat and maybe a slightly higher ride height than the MT09, certainly not as capable off road as the tenere.

    If I didn't already have an MT09 and I planned more road with only the occasional bit of dirt I would have seriously considered the Tracer. It also shares the smaller size of the MT09 making riding 2-up a little crowded, and why I remvoved the rear pegs on my MT09 as they were always getting in the way of my feet on the rider pegs.
  9. Nice looking bike Clint, look forward to the upcoming reviews and adventures.
  10. Congrats on the new purchase clint, we should do a K'valley loop to break it in
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  11. I never used to like the adventure tourer style bikes a whole lot. But after seeing them a lot and seeing how goddamn comfy they are, how can I not?
    That's a nice looking bike right there. Is that pretty much the same colour as the one you got?
  12. Sounds like a plan.

    Australia only got the one colour for the new model unlike the bigger markets, but it's the colour I would of chosen anyway. Should look good parked next to my matte grey MT09 ;)

    I couldn't beleive the comfort, my last few bikes have all had planks of wood for seats, and while I thought my xvs1100 was comfortable it has nothing on the super ten.

    Might get some highway pegs and mounts them on the engine bars so I can kick back with my feet up and the cruise control on between twisty roads.
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  13. Nice man. I'm actually quite jealous. I mean I love my GS500 but I'd definitely go over to one of the MT's. Preferably the 09. 07 is great for a LAMS. More than great. The 03 is meh.

    I've thought about how awesome it would be to have more forward mounted pegs for longer cruises.
  14. I'm no doctor, but did you try riding it with your hands & feet?

    Just kidding, looks like a good thing! Yamaha are really making some cracking bikes at the moment, is the crank set at 270 degrees on these too?
  15. Yip, and it sounds awesome almost large single or vtwin as opposed to parallel twin.

    Yamaha seem to be moving in a different direction or at least revamping their image, they'd been quite stagnant for a while.
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  16. Bike going through Pre delivery

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  17. It looks huge next to the other bikes (Guzzi and CB400?).
  18. It's a tall bike, the one I test rode was actually raised and had incredible ground clearance. It was the first bike I have ever ridden I had to tip-toe on.

    Very frustrating its ready to go but won't be delivered until Thursday due to the guys being at the Camden show tomorrow.

    The VFR in the background , already sold and getting shipped out to Yass this weekend.
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