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iClint's 2014 MT-09

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  1. iClint submitted a new Showcase Item:

    iClint's 2014 MT-09

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  2. very nice
  3. That's one nice looking doodad
  4. Can't see how anyone could not love that bike, looks awesome
  5. Mate one sexc ass bike. Im struggling between this bike or a r1 any reason u choose the mt
  6. gorgeous ... the bike that is
  7. sweet bike. Are those aftermarket mirrors? if so what are they
  8. Thanks for the compliments guys! I think it's funny the one dislike is from a triumph owner :)

    I wanted a fun naked bike that was light powerful and practical also you get an enormous amount of bike for the price.

    Yes they are, they're "Rizoma circuit 744" mirrors but they aren't cheap a set with adapters for your bike is ~$400 but the quality is fantastic.
  9. <3 dem mirrors :greedy:<3<3<3<3 the front end looks so much nicer with them
  10. do you get any more vibration through the bars with those small bar ends?
  11. None what so ever.

    its surprising as the OEM Bar ends are huge what you see sticking out is only the tip of the ice berg.

    There is an aluminium adapter inside the bar you can't see (but it doesn't weigh much) and then the small cap on the end of the bar. no vibration and a very clear image in the mirrors.
  12. Nice. I like the look of your new bar ends, they're tidy. Its a smooth motor I guess so very little vibration.
  13. She's a sexy naked beast! Nice bike bro, it's the little things you do, that make the big difference. Love all your mods and her rear end is tight.
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  14. Nice work mate.
  15. Wow! Great looking bike. Love the grips. Also love that rego plate :)
  16. Very sexy looking bike love the stealth look the matte gives it and the little bits and pieces you've changed to really finish off the bike