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Icicles on Bikes Tour (from Stookies veiw)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User_5, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Great Alpine road and over the Snowies.

    Stewy emailed me and asked if I would be interested in a 4day camping adventure, I said YES straight away and worried about the time off later. Booga had also been invited and the planning started. I have been through the Great Alpine road, Murray valley Highway, Omeo, Bruthen, Hotham several times and I knew the route. I was keen to do it again and elaborate on the route taken the last few times.
    I suggested this route as I knew it and it didn’t include a great deal of Boring bits. Very Scenic and always interesting.

    Stewy was doing it on his Thundercat and Booga was eagerly looking for his bigger bike to do it on. Stewy had advertised his bike on Bikesales and had no bites for 2 months, until I opened my mouth and asked him “what will you do if you sell your bike before the tripâ€. That day his bike was sold. So now he was looking for his next bike. I wasn’t so sure he was going to get it in time but he bought a new one 4 days before we left. Booga found his bike, a Honda (good choice)CBR600F4i. He almost didn’t get it as it previously got sold on Ebay whilst he was deciding, but the guy let the seller down and he jumped onto it and bought it straight away. So with new bikes it was on. I organised the route to take and we discussed alternatives, Ive done the route a few times and suggested places to stop and camp. It seemed perfect, the best laid plans and all that. I had mentioned to RosieV7 of our planned trip and she just couldn’t say no. She was going to meet us in Bright on the Friday evening as she couldn’t leave till midday.

    Day one.

    Melbourne – Bright .Via Cranbourne – Leongatha – Yarram- Sale – Bairnsdale – Bruthen – Omeo – Hotham – Bright.

    We left at 830am cos Stewy wanted to sleep in. Fair enough. I met Booga at 730am and we where off to wake up Stewy. We all got setup and off we went. First stop was for Brekky at Cranbourne Maccas. ( I was starving and needed some fuel).
    Uneventful ride through Korumburra and Leongatha . Then stopped past sale I think at a Revive and survive stop for a hot cup of tea. Booga was warned not to park his bike on the grass verge but did anyway, my bike was fine as its got a larger side stand.
    We got a cuppa and had a chat to a bloke from England about his bikes and his travels, lovely people. Then Boogas bike falls over on the right side and snaps his mirror off. BUMMER……..He was warned. The wind blew it over……tough luck mate. So after 30 min of consoling the broken man with his new bike we decided it was unfixable and we better get moving. We got up to Bairnsdale and had lunch and then got on the road to the good stuff. Bruthen to Omeo, I love this road. Last trip I done over this road was in November and it was raining and I just had my VFR for a few weeks so it wasn’t fun. This time conditions where perfect. Hardly any traffic and I was off. Beautiful road no traffic except for 1 cop sitting but we had been flashed to alert us so we didn’t piss past at speed. I felt really comfy with my bike now and had a great amount of fun. Panniers loaded made for serious tire wear at speed and also tipped into corners faster than I assumed. Booga was just behind me and Stewy just behind him. I stopped to warn of a new gravel patch on the road and then we all set off together again. Omeo for Petrol and then up Hotham we headed. It was getting bloody cold now and my fingers where feeling the cold. I got to the top of Hotham and waited 15 min for the others, I was having fun on the way up, big open sweepers and I knew the road well. Hardly any traffic and I was in the mood. The other 2 arrived warning me of the cows wandering around the roadside…….Sorry I missed them guys. Heading down the mountain to bright is a road I hate with a passion. Steep decent very tight and corrugated roads, Rocks, branches and cars on the wrong side of the road. I almost ran wide as the sun got into my eyes and I didn’t see a turn till almost too late. We cruised down to Harrietville and stopped and had a few comments to each other about that bloody road. The adventure was starting. Booga hadn’t dropped his bike again so everything was going better now. It became the rib killing joke of the weekend, and it never stopped being funny.
    So we arrive in Bright and its dark now. We arrive at the camp ground to be told we have no chance of stating anywhere as its EASTER WEEKEND. I didn’t think of that and neither did anyone else. I was stressing as I don’t like being stuck with no options. Booga had some friends who lived 5 minutes away and maybe we could camp in the garden………NO-ONE HOME……BUGGER.
    We heading back into Bright to get a feed, waited an hour for food. We browsed through the phone book calling some camp ground but same response everywhere. “Sorry but we are full, don’t you know it’s the Easter weekend ?†I do believe a woman would have thought of that but Boogas feminine side didn’t help us.I called home and spoke to Lil and she called around Mount Beauty and found us a cancellation. That meant we had to head over Towonga gap in the dark . It was now after 8pm. Stewy lead us over and spotted a lot of wildlife, wombats and roo’s and a possum. We heard from Rosie by this time and she was in Myrtleford and was heading up to meet us. We where worried she might come over the Gap road so told her we would meet her and escort her over but the clever girl cut off at Myrtleford and came the easy route.
    We set up camp under out bike headlights and settled in for the night with a few drinks. We pissed ourselves laughing about the adventure so far and it was certainly shaping up to being a bit more difficult than we first though. Camping in Easter with no advance booking……..what a bunch of nuff nuff’s. We thought it’s a good idea to ockey strap Boogas bike to the tent pegs as a joke, he had a laugh in the morning.

    DAY 2

    Towonga – redbank road – Tallangatta – Granya – Walwa – Tumbarumba.

    I get up around 7am to another beautiful day, the tent was cold and damp without Lil.
    I didn’t get a good night sleep being on my own. It was cold and I just couldn’t get warm. But it was a nice day so we will get on the road and it will soon warm up.
    Everyone gets sorted out and a hot shower was needed. Ready to go and my bike wont start…..FAAAAAARK. Having the light running last night killed the battery, so Stewy and I pushed it down the road to some solid ground and eventually got it bumb started ( thanks Stewy). I flogged it up falls creek to get the bugger charging up and nearly smashed through 20 cyclists taking up both lanes of the road. They wouldn’t move over either so I started tooting and then they split up over both lanes. “ If you pricks don’t move Im going to clean up the lot of you on the way done unless somebody does it first “. Coming back down the had moved over to the right side of the road. I don’t get it with cyclists, do they think they can out manoeuvre a car going 10 times faster than them, maybe they are invincible and Im on the wrong type of bike.
    I get back to camp and we are ready to go. Towonga is great so Booga and I set off in the lead. Stewy takes a little longer to get his tires up to warm but we all get it on…Yeah baby. On the way back over I stop at Sullivans lookout to get a pic of the guys coming round the corner, then follow them down the hill a little behind. Booga is stopped at the side but signals he is OK and Stewy is parked up a little in front crippled in laughter. Rosie and I get to the bottom and wait for what seems like ages.
    Stewy and Booga turn up and then the story gets told. Booga dropped his bike again trying to take a picture. Slid on the gravel when he stopped and struggled with the bike all the way to the ground. Stewy found this funny and I did to, to be honest.
    No damage to the CBR because he done all the damage the day before and the Oggy knobs saved it. Good ol oggies.
    We headed up Redbank road and avoided a snake on the road which jumped at your ankles on the way past, I think Stewy got a fright.
    Past Tallangatta and left up Granya gap, fast road with sweeping tight twisties. Great road surface, apart from one corner on the way down which had a light dusting of the fine gravel. I stopped to warn the others but Stewy flew through it without hesitation.
    Now heading up the Murray valley hwy was quick, I love that road. Fast sweepers and afew good long left corners, great vision through corners and a blast to ride.
    I wait in Walwa for a while wondering where everyone has gone but the eventually turn up and had stopped to check I hadn’t turned off somewhere .
    Now the final run over the bridge into NSW and up to Tumbarumba. Marked as a must do road in the Motorcycle atlas its actually pretty boring and uneventful.
    Stop in Tumbarumba for a food run. Its amazing how much you can pack onto an already packed bike. Everyone seemed to thing my panniers where like the DR.WHO TARDIS, another of our standing jokes “got any room in the pannier Jay ? “ I had everything in there but always managed to fit in a little more. We stayed at Hovell road Campsite, a free one just off the road with a toilet block. We gathered some wood, I actually brought an axe as another tourer told me it was his most prized possession on a trip. It certainly came in handy. Fire going we settled to rip the piss out of Boogan ad his bike drop, his “wheres WALLY†thermals. We all had a bit to drink and our ribs where aching from laughing. We turned in for the night after a hilarious time putting out the fire. That night was the coldest night ever, I couldn’t sleep and got up for a pee in the middle of the night and the grass was crispy under my feet and bloody nippy as buggery. I awoke to find frost on everything. My tent opening folded out like it was on a hinge as the dew has all frozen solid. My bike was white and the panniers frozen shut I couldn’t get the key in.
    I got all the clothes I had put on in a hurry and started to pack up quickly. Everyone else seemed to have a good sleep, I though my Scottish blood would have coped with the bitter tempretures better than it did. I was a grumpy bugger the rest of the day cos I do need my 8hrs sleep don’t I Bam-Bam.

    DAY 3

    Kosciusko – Kiandra – Snowy highway – Cooma – Jindabyne – Thredbo – Khancoban – Mount beauty.

    Due to the freezing conditions the night before we where reluctant to get on the road. I was desperate for a hot shower but it wasn’t going to happen. We headed of into another crisp chilly morning. The weather looked to be shaping up for another perfect day. We headed down Elliot way to the Kosciusko park, this is a forest section with a steep winding decent. The view at the top of the twisties it a bit breath taking. The dam below looks green and deep in a rocky valley. We stop for a few photos and again we make sure Booga’s bike doesn’t blow over. We head up over the hill to be met with a car towing a boat who is coming from another road an fails to give way to the 4 bikes coming, pricks everywhere I guess. We get away from him quickly and further up the hill we meet a fallen tree on the road. We have to move it out the road which wasn’t as easy as it looked. We get the bikes through but if a car comes along it wont be getting past, that’s for sure. I hope the guy with the boat is heading this way as he is buggered if he is going to move is and reversing a boat downhill 10km in winding twisties will be near impossible……Karma.
    We stop at the power station for a look and then get on with it. We now hit Kiandra where Stewy has a problem with his clutch. Seems he cant get his hand off the clutch. Due to the sapp from the tree his glove is stuck to the lever and he stalls it. We where a bit worried for a minute but its all ok. Kiandra consists of a shed with a snowplough as far as we could see……well breakfast is out then !
    We head of down the Snowies highway, what a road, outstanding surface, sweepers as far as you can see and pretty empty. I was off like a frog in a sock. We wont mention speed at all but little bike computer hit its peak and stopped counting a @)) (secret code). Next stop Cooma and breaky. Its Easter Sunday so Maccas is the only option and we just missed breakfast by 10 min. But any hot food was welcome. We filled up and headed for Jindabyne. Not an exciting road until we get into the Kosciusko national park and pay our $6 fee to get through. The road surface has a lot of fine gravel . I can hear it hitting my pipes as it flings off the wheels. I don’t like the sound of it so I slow down and just take in the beautiful scenery. Thredbo is a strange little place, houses on mountainside. Reminds me of Switzerland. Lovely place but it’s a brief stop. Through the park and Stewy is leading, he misses Dead Horse Gap but soon comes back when he realises nobody is following.
    A few pictures and we lube the chains as the all look a bit dry. My right hand decided to stop working for 10 minutes. Couldn’t move my fingers at all, I scared myself. I had a sharp pain shoot up my arm and I couldn’t seem to get the fingers to move. I had this happen after surgery on my shoulder from an accident a year ago but it hadn’t happened fro a while. Anyway it came good and I was over it quickly.
    We wind our way down the mountain, avoiding cyclists and 4WD on the wrong side of the road. We get to Khancoban and refuel again and after a discussion we decide we will head for Mount beauty campground as we still have a fair bit of light. We head off rounf the other side of the Murray valley Hwy, it’s the more travelled road and there is a fair amount of traffic. Im in auto pilot mode and soon dissapear from the others. Somebody flashes to warn of a patrol car further ahead, Im sitting on the limit anyway with my feet on the pillion pegs , all stretched out and quite comfy actually. The patrol car is sitting outside Talangatta and I pass with no glances. I wait for the guys at the turn off for Redbank road and the are a bit behind again. Im about to turn back when I see the headlights come over the hill. They stopped again for a chinwag.
    We have an uneventful ride down Redbank until that bloody snake is there and another dead one, It jumps for my ankle and I fill my pants , everyone swerves to avoid it. Then over the hill a Kamikaze commodore decides to impress his mates by swerving into my lane to make me S**T myself. Never worked and I couldn’t be assed with it so kept going. We hit Mount beauty and set up camp right on dusk.
    Another great day of riding, and everyone still intact. Rosie is getting to be a very confident rider, she was never far behind and handled the mountain without a drama. I had expected to be waiting around but it never happened. She done extremely well riding a Virago with 3 big bikes. Well done Rosie.

    Day 4
    Heading home. Mt Beauty – whitfield – Mansfield – Yea – HOME.

    This was the mission. To navigate home avoiding as much bulls**t as we could. Early start helped. Milawa bakery was a welcome sight as I was starving for a pie. Quick stop and we are off again. Through Whitfield and something is going on here today, don’t know what. Stewy almost cleans up another bloody cyclist who just rides straight out from the side road thinking he owns the place. Quick swerve and I flick him the bird. Ive never had so much trouble from F**king cyclist. Never been bothered before, but this weekend they really done my dome in.
    Whitfield is the next stop but Im ok for fuel as the VFR is not even hitting halfway but the SV and CBR are needing filling. Booga and I head off up the tight roads heading for Mansfield, what a fun road and barely a car in sight, most coming towards us . It’s a very nice road and the conditions where perfect. Fill my huggies again when I guy towing a boat almost pulls out from a forest track without looking but he did eventually do a headcheck as I go pissing past. The treat and lanscape look like one of Bam-Bams BBQ’s . Everything including the roadsigns are burnt beyond reading.
    Its quite an eerie sight as the houses around the place just missing the fire. Those locals must have fought hard to keep their properties. I though how lucky I was to not have to worry about it. We get into Mansfield and take a break. Fuel and a bit of chocolate. Of we go and the Melba Hwy seems to be the best way home. We leapfrog the traffic and in one fang past 4 caravans and boats all sniffing each others arses I hammer past noticing a cop car sitting on the right with somebody pulled over, ahh well nothing he can do at the moment. The traffic is all sitting in tight packs , not leaving much options for pulling in. They are all tailgating badly. Then we hit a massive que just outside Yarra Glen. We are about 5km outside and the traffic is stopped. We wonder if its an accident or maybe just the holiday traffic banking up. Im not waiting around to find out and I scoot up the left side in the small emergency lane.
    Some travellers where well pissed as I go past, but Im past caring Im not sitting in that.
    We turn of and head over towards Watsons creek and Kangaroo ground, and round a tight 45k corner I see a cop bike s**t his pants as he narrowly avoids hitting an oncoming car as he badly navigates the corner. He was seriously overcooking that one.
    Over through to Warrandyte and then we all head in different directions. Another tour behind me and a great time again. I was keen to get home to Lil as I missed her more than I

    All in all it was a fantastic 4 day trip, I had great company and Booga was always entertaining us with “how to drop a bike†and his “wheres Wally†shirt.
    We laughed so much Im sure it cured us of any unsettling thought we had before the trip. I had the best time with the boys and I was glad Rosie came too, she really made a great difference to the trip. She has a filthy potty mouth and god can she drink. We got some Questions you would love to ask a girl but where afraid to . She is great value and certainly a great girl to head of on a tour with as she loves clocking up the K’s. I think Stewy fell in love with Motorcycles and why we do it all over again. His confidence on his new bike was outstanding. I know he made a perfect choice.
    Im sorry Booga had so many drops, but he shrugged it off and got on with it. He also saw the funny side and never took offence at stewy and I laughing. He also bonded with his bike rather quickly, which is great to see he made a good choice. Im not sure I could have clocked up 2000k on a CBR, those seats look like hell to deal with but Booga and his FAT ass managed OK.
    I had the best time, I love touring and I do enjoy the camping side too. I am grumpy when Ive not had my sleep and sometimes I need to just keep my mouth shut when stuff irritates me, I think Stewy and Booga found it amusing. They both reckoned I hang out with Bam-bam too much as I was whinging a bit. I think they could be right !

    Thank everyone for the great adventure, where are we off to next…….?


    Please refer any replies to the original topic;

    Icicles on Bikes Tour (Easter Weekend)
  2. Thanks to you for inviting me :) And thanks to Stewy and Booga as well. :)

    I really had a wonderful time with you guys. Haven't felt that good in a long time. Would definitely like to do it again soemtime - preferably soon ;) :grin:

    :rofl: OI! Who was saying the (letter of the alphabet) word?! And who was shoving cans of gin at me?


    Thanks Stookie. It was a good 4 days riding for me. Everything just felt right. I think it had a lot to do wtih being relaxed and the good company. :)

  3. Great ride report, Jay, almost as good as being there, but, jeez, you should have booked somewhere well in advance of an Easter weekend :p.

    Nice to see Dave's got himself a new steed too :dance:
  4. Great write up Stookie, glad to hear you had a great ride.
  5. Thanks Jay, that was a great read. :grin:

    Yes, but did you get any answers? :shock: :LOL:
  6. sounds fantastic !

    So whats Stewy on now ?
  7. a o6 sv1000 nake..... the blue one in the pic's :wink:
  8. No comment was often the reply although she had alot to say about, XXX stuff.
    We cleared up a few things for her on guys and what the want and how they get it. Im sure she got an insight into the dark world of Blokes. I hope she made some better decisions after that chat.

    Top girl and she aint no pushover.

    Please refer any replies to the original topic;

    Icicles on Bikes Tour (Easter Weekend)
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