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Icicles on Bikes Tour (Easter Weekend)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by stewy, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Ok, for those of you that don't know, I am now the proud owner of "Portseas" a sv1000n

    Now this first post is actually all about my lead up to my own tour....and what i had to go through just to make it :LOL:

    Monday: = No bike (thundercat sold about 3 weeks prior) So to make my own tour, this was the outcome for the next 3 days


    So my tour started slightly before the others with only 3 days to go before the planned departure date I had to run in the sv (first 1000km) so I picked up my new baby on Tuesday night, and as always couldn't wait to take her out and stookie offered to come for out for a late night run with me (and I had already booked her in for her 1000km service on Thursday morning) so no time like the present and time was a bit of a issue so the running in process was started, (varying the rev's and gears making sure not to just sit on any one speed at any one rev.) and off to Portsea at 11.00pm at night, well we reach portseas at some god-early hour of the morning...... have another break and home again we go...... you beauty in the first night I have clocked over the first 300km (but my ass is killing me, this is why the sv is so cheap because they saved money on the seat by just placing a plank there :p ) (only have to do 700km tomorrow - Wednesday) so I arrive home at 3.00am in the morning... go to bed tired but excited.


    Wake up at 9.00 but don't get on the road till 10.00 (thinking geez this is going to be a long day, still a bit tired from the night before, but in order to make my own tour I had to clock up these km's) so off I go by myself out through Mt Dandy and through some of my favorite roads and into Launching Place then up to nojjee and out through there heading towards Moe. By this stage I am really starting to get the feel for the bike, and my grin is getting bigger and bigger, until I look down at the km's and think (oh shit where/how far away from the next servo am I?) and then that feeling of I never tried to push the bike on the test ride ( I wonder heavy it is to push is :s ) came over me. Well into Moe she makes it, with that sweet twin happy thumping away. So I refuel her and figure now that it's 1.00 I should a quick bite to eat is in order......so quick it was as I was only just at the 500km mark (still had 500 left to do) and I couldn't;t do it all at 100km per hr either..... so this long day was looking even longer.....So on I hoped again as I could hear my ass pleading with me to give it a longer break, from that horrible seat, but I knew Portsea was just testing me to see she could break me. Well I had news for her, one rock hard seat wasn't going to break this little black duck. So all saddle up I head back out to Walhalla as I wanted to get some practice on the tighter stuff too. Out there and back, and by know I was really appreciating that glorious twin, which supplied a endless amount of useable power in a nice constant torque curve.......(why anyone would want a inline four is now beyond me, and how did I put up with one for so long.) Following a few of my other favorite roads, I head for Traralgon, for more fuel...... my ass is now screaming we give in and we will walk back....but lucky the mind is strong then the ass and on I hope again for a another torture session up the hwy to sale. When I reached sale it was about 4.00pm with only 600km on the clock still 400km short of the required 1000km. So I fuel up again in sale, really because I just wanted to get off her and give my ass a rest before the run back to Melbourne via the south gippy hwy. 300km later and almost 8.00pm at night, I head across to see lenna, as she hasn't seen my new lady in my life, I get there about 1 hour after I said I would, but lenna was happy to see me anyway.....so out she comes to check out the competition (she looks at her) and says "I like your old bike better, as this one has it's guts hanging out all over the place." But lenna can see just how happy I was with my new bike, (because I wasn't happy with the thundercat, and lost a lot of confidents on it). But enough of the ex (because a ex is a ex for a reason). So after that I head off home, having to drop Portsea off at mum & dad's because dad was good enough to run it back to Peter Steven's Ringwood(Thursday morning as it had to be there by 9.00am and I work in dandy and start at 7.00) or they wouldn't be able to do the service for me. Anyway km's when I drop it off at mum & dad's 984km wooooohoooo


    Get the call from dad yep it's drop off.....cool, just have to get through work (what a long day). Day ends and I head over to Peter Steven's to get my baby..... yep first service done, yep fitted rack, bag and oggy Knob's and I am think woohoo peter Steven's aren't that bad. Then the bill, we when I bough the bike there were 2 conditions one was they had to fit it in for the 1000km service on the Thursday and too the first service priced was fixed at a agreed rate. So I go to pay and look at the bill and it's for 150.00 more then what was agreed, so I asked why so much more and the service guy tells me they are charging me for the fitting of rack and bag 1.5hr's to fit and then another .5hr to fit the oggy knob's. I said no I am not paying that..... for one the guy that sold it to me said they would just put them on with the first service, but nothing about a fitting fee.....and the service guy said well they don't fit themselves..... NO SHIT!!!! So I am thinking ok maybe there is more to fitting this then I thought, and maybe I am getting carried away so I go have a look myself. The rack has 4 bolts holding it on and the oggy knob is one bolt each... I walk back and say you had to undo 6 bolts and that took you 2hrs..... your fcuking joking.... I want to speak to the manager..... so off I go to get the manager mind you it's now 5.30 they all want to go home, but I ain't leaving the shop without my bike (I need it for the Easter tour) and I wasn't paying the fitting fee (if it was 20.00 or something minor I would of just paid it and left with a bad taste in my mouth) but I wasn't paying 150.00. So by now I re-explain that I have bought the bike, all the gear and first service through here and now you are trying to screw me an extra 150.00 for something I didn't agree too.... We after much conversation the manager was actually very good and went down and had the fee's removed for me and sorted it all out, so I paid what was agreed and left, all was done as I asked, but it was such a shame I had to complain and get as cranky as I did to get it all sorted. But in saying that I did find Peter Steven's quite good, they order in my rack and bag & oggy knob's all o/night without the overnight fee's etc.

    So off I leave on my baby......heading home to pack for the Icicles on Bikes Tour.

    stay tuned
  2. Yes, yes... but whats Phase 2? :p
  3. It had better have been a great ride after THAT build-up, stewy :LOL:

    looking forward to the reoprt proper :).
  4. Congratulations on joining the suzuki force Adam - went to your 'garage' to have a squiz .... but no pics - yet I hope! :)
  5. Paul: Yes, the ride was better than that lead up :)

    BB: Pfft, spewsuki's ;) and its a nakid to boot :? .... but he seems to be doing just fine on his new toy :p AND there are lots of pics from the ride...
  6. Crazy stuff Stewy :LOL: But all that 'running around' was worth it hey! :grin:

    It's a freakin cool looking bike. :cool:

    Appropriate title for thread too. :LOL:
  7. Nothing like a twin is there Stewy. :p

    Congrats on the new bike. Cant wait to have a gander.
  8. Well come on Stewy! :p We're waiting for the rest! :grin:

    Alpine Way - Geehi Reserve:

  9. Why's it called "Portsea"?
  10. yeah yeah yeah.... i have been busy at work..... will hopefully get it done later today... feel free to post one up rosie :wink:

    thats where jay and myself ended up at about 1.00am on the first ride i did on her and i hadn't named her yet so thought it sounds nice and a good name for my baby :grin: so yeah no real reason :oops:
  11. The night before Day 1
    Still trying to plan for the trip. For anyone who has ever spoken with a Scot can know they are pretty stubborn and stookie is no exception..... as although we all knew we were going leaving on Friday morning the question of departure time was still in question, the little stubborn Scot wanted to be at my place at 6.30 in the morning :shock: and wanted me up and ready to leave...... well it appeared that jay and myself had quite different ideas on this as I was planning on maybe leave at some reasonable hour like say 10.00-10.30am. Well as you can imagine the the little Scot was not overly impressed with this and as such made sure to voice his opinion by jumping up and down flapping his arms almost as quickly as he flaps his mouth.:dance: That little bit of dribble he calls English coming out we agreed on a more sensible time of him being at my place by 8.00. :LOL: So that being sorted we let poor old booga know what was decided and being the cool bloke Dave just nodded and said yep whatever.

    Day 1
    Well wakeup early and eager (maybe a little to eager as wasn't feeling the best) but that wasn't going to stop me going..... so I was just finished packing when I heard Dave and jay pull up out front of my place..... shock horror the Scot actually did want he was told and was there a couple of minutes after 8.00 :shock: ...so a quick look at the maps so we all knew where we were off to a couple of piccies all geared up and away we go. :biker: Well we made it about 1km from my place before we spotted the police man playing where's Wally (hiding behind a power pole) but that didn't worry us as we were all just cruising away........I mean we are all law abiding, respectful citizens we at least Dave and myself. :angel:

    So down the south gippy well not far anyway before we get the first detour (car accident) and we have to detour around it..... well yep when we got to cranbourne macca's for breakie stookie couldn't help but remind my that if we had left earlier we would off missed it..... :blah: the complaining had started, this was going to be a very long 4 days.

    Well from cranbourne breakkie down the south gippy, over taking groups of cars with ease we were moving along at a nice steady pace. When around 11.00 we decided to pull into one of those driver reviver stops, as I pull in I was looking at the ground.....gravel and lots of gravel, and then just set off the gravel was a short trip over the grass top a shelter with a table and I spotted the paving...... thinking to myself that where I am going to park.....I take my new baby off road, well little did I realize the grass was a little longer then I had thought and the ground wasn't as flat as it looked, well I hit a small ditch which toke me by surprise, but a quick foot down had my all balance again... so I ride up onto the paving and stop there. Well the next thing I see jay and Dave parking on the gravel. I walk over to them and suggest that they don't park there, and Dave and I have a small laugh about my moment on the grass. :-w So against my better advice they leave the bikes there and we go grab a cup of tea. I fill out a survey well the jay starts yanking, I finish the survey and jay is still yanking........so as we finish on up and stand to put our jackets back on we hear this thump and look across as Dave's bike hits the ground. Bursting out laughing :rofl: I couldn't hold it in, I told you not to park there......Well we up casually to the poor Honda that need a rest and pick it up. You would not realize how hard it is to pick something up with you laughing that hard.... we get it back on 2 wheels and survey the damage only to find one broken mirror. Jay and myself are still laughing our arses off, as Dave looks his bike over.....we finally get control of our laughing fits and agree that we should get a move on. So on with the helmets, and away we go.

    Well by the time we stop for lunch in Bairnsdale it's about 2.00pm and jay is starting to stress that we won't make it over hotham before dark....so a quick bite to eat, a few more jokes at Dave's misfortunes and jay gives a quick run down on the road type ahead..... so finally some decent twisties as we head through Bruthen and Omeo, little did I know this was the last I was going to see of Dave and jay until they stopped to warn me of a corner ahead with gravel..... but through I putt at my own pace...... once in Omeo my ass was start to hurt again.... but by now I had a feeling I may of lost the battle on the the Wednesday but I was winning the final war......more fuel for my thirsty twin, then up to hotham...... and at least myself and Dave were now starting to ride a a similar pace...... Only one small moment of sudden fright as we come screaming past a huge big black cow sitting no more then 5 meters off the edge of the road :eek:hno: , lucky it was more then happy to just stand there and watch us shoot past, because if it wasn't past it was going to be through it.... and I didn't envy that option. So we met jay at the top, by now it's bloody freezing up the top of hotham so we get a few quick pics and make a the quickest get away we could and we were all very carefully heading down.... well with the sun starting to set and we are heading straight into it, it only took jay about 4 corners before he over shot it one due to the sun in his eyes.....but lucky he realizes he is vfr is a on road tourer only and steers it back on line, and away we go. :wink:

    Riding into bright as the sunsets, jay knows of a nice caravan park where we head too. Well to our disappoint we arrive to find that off all 2000 campsites they have now left......Well the Jay doesn't miss a chance to stick the boot in...... "great planning there stewy" ](*,) :facepalm: as we all have a bit of a laugh about it.....well after the laugh the seriousness then sets in....shit where to we stay..... well Dave who had been fairly quite all afternoon chimes in and say he has family friend in the area.... so when they don't answer their mobile we decide to ride to their place and see if we can setup our tents in his yard.....Well as luck would have it and to keep the tour interesting he wasn't home. So by now it's was about 7.30 and we were all hungry..... and back into bright to the pub for dinner, while we figure out where we were going to sleep. Well sitting at the pub I finally realized why I had invited the Scot, for his lovely wife had phone around all the caravan parks in the area to find somewhere to stay....... (Lil you are wonderful but what the hell are you doing with jay?). Well a few more jokes about the days highlights.....and then off we went through towanga gap. I decided to lead and it was a very slow trip over there, but all got through fine. The final count was 2 wombats 5 wallabies and what looked like a possum ( or maybe a wallaby) on all fours, was more concern about watching the road then what that thing was) Well we get to the caravan park, and Jay turns to me and said "why did you keep braking through the Towanga Gap?" I said "you can't be serious didn't you see all the wildlife?" and all I get was a "No, did you see any?" :shock"

    So we set the tents up under the power of the bikes headlights, and sit and wait for Rosie to join us. She arrives safe and sound and with a pub just behind the caravan park it was just a open invite to get some drinks and sit around and share the tales off the the first day :beer:

    Right the next day will come later...... if you get through this before the next day is done read s l o w e r ! ! :LOL:
  12. I DO believe that it went like this...

    ... So Jay and Dave were chatting to the old guy about old bikes and I turn to WATCH Dave's bike start to fall, saying "Ahh Dave..." *CRUNCH* While just watching it fall over, and NOT saving it...

    :p ;) :LOL:
  13. Should've listened to Stewy booga. :roll: :LOL: Even I know that and I wasn't even there. :p

    I might put upa short account of my take on the weekend after you've done yours Stewy. Stookie's got locked.
  14. I was going to add my 2 bob Stewy but =; :-# :rofl: sorry,inside joke there :wink: