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Icicle Ride 2012? Any info?

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Missed last years & despite the fact I haven't fitted any heated grips, I am keen :)

    Or is too early to be thinking about it?

  2. also keen, lol at the tags.
    I'm hoping to take out the prize for youngest participant.
  3. I can confirm it's on Sat 7th July..
    Once again meeting somewhere (not confirmed yet) at 11pm and going through the night.

    Last year, started in Lilydale through Gemmbrook, Korumburra ending in Fankston..
    Year before, started bp near the calder raceway, headed nth then across ending in Healesville..

    They're looking at something different again this year so who knows..
    I'll be there again...
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  4. Top stuff Joe, cheers!

    I'll put it in my calender.
  5. Year before last it was a 12 year old pillion, are you younger than 12?
  6. A friend of mine who comes down from Queensland has taken out both the longest distance award and the oldest rider award (twice).

    The funny thing is there were riders there who I know were at least 10 years older than him - but none of them ever wanted to admit their age :)
  7. I'm keen, I'll bring the firestorm, is there an award for the most fuel consumption and refills?
  8. Well no but I'd hope I'd at least get something for being the youngest vehicle operator participant ;)
    Isn't it the youngest each year round? Or is the prize for the youngest ever since the history of the prize?
  9. haha fuel will be last thing on your mind..... :LOL:
  10. I don't think it matters whether you're a pillion or a rider, it's just as f*cking cold either way.
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  11. haha,
    keep in mind that in SA you can get your L's at 16....
  12. The Icicle will be advertised from next month on our website and is in this month's BeeEm magazine: you can usually pick up a copy at a BMW dealer, but I'll post a link to the Registration form later this evening.

    It's a good ride this year: it had better be as I put the route together ;)
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  13. Oh so we'll know who to blame if it .........................................................
    Of course no hints of start or end locations right?
  14. Hot off the press: here is the Registration Form :D

    I haven't even put it on our Club site yet..... ;)
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  15. Getting damaged file on link..
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  17. This sounds crazy.
    I like it. :D
  18. It IS CRAZY,
    Especially between the last re fuel and the end.
    You'll be wondering WTF! Was I thinking and haviving fantasies about a...nice...warm...bed!

    I'll go if I can get the Sunday off!

  19. Hey, my timings not bad!

    First links not working for me either, second is good.

    Definitely in.
  20. maybe in, ill be more inappropriate if i do come, and bring my soon to be motard :)