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Icicle ride 2008

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by gadgetgsx, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. wow what an awesome ride (my first ice ride) 120 people about 105 bikes and netriders were the largest group for the 2nd year. Apart from the showers on the last leg, the weather wasn't as bad as expected.
    If you havn't done this yet then I would look out for it next year and do it, I'll be back next year and hope to meet some more of you then.
    For the 3 of us from deni (me, the wife Rell & a mate) it was a fair effort as we rode down to melb sat afternoon stopped for tea at a freinds house in melb, rode out to lyndhurst for the ice ride then back to deni the next morning clocking up just over 1000ks in under 24hrs with no sleep and a plan to do it all again next year.Below is the course map the 2nd leg dosn't show up that well but I'll add the details and more pics as I get them all downloaded off the camera.

    Okay may as well start with leg 1 which of course started at lynhurst b4 heading down some back roads (as for us who got lost some wern't even on the map ) to tyabb then along the hwy before turning off and sending us up and over arthurs seat (the view over the bay was fantastic ) than down to boneo rounding off the head of the peninsula back up to balnarring for the first stop for soup & a hot drink.The next pic is at the meeting point b4 the ride. Mine's the teapot gsx750f the cbr1000 blade is my wifes & my mate had the 1100 blackbird.

    the next one is some of the other bikes that were arriving sorry its a bit dark something to do with the light

    I'll try to expand more on it all as I post the rest of the run I'm still catching up on some lost sleep. So stay tuned for part 2.(my bad I need 5 post b4 I can add pics )