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N/A | National Icelandic riders halt mandatory gear.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. http://www.righttoride.eu/?p=9358

    Icelandic Mandatory Clothing

    8th April 2012

    The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA) reports that Icelandic riders through FEMA members, the Sniglar Bifhjólasamtök lýðveldisinns (BLS) rider organisation has successfully resisted the introduction of mandatory protective clothing.

    BLS reports that the Icelandic government will most likely drop its plans to mandate protective clothing for motorcyclists. Riders in Iceland pointed out that almost all riders would already wear protective clothing, which would be partly also due to rather rough weather conditions.

    In addition if protective clothing was made mandatory then Iceland would be the only country in Europe mandating such a measure.

    In the latest draft of the Icelandic traffic bill there is no further mention of the compulsory use of protective clothing. The bill still has to pass parliament but the Icelandic FEMA member BLS is confident that it will be approved without further amendments.

    FEMA says its position and that of its member organizations on protective clothing is clear: riders should be encouraged to wear protective clothing but the final decision about what to wear and when, needs to be left to the individual.

    At Right To Ride we fully support this position, before starting up Right To Ride, Elaine Hardy was part of the Committee that reviewed FEMA’s Mission and Policy Statements.

    Njáll Gunnlaugsson from BLS is reported as saying, “This positive outcome is because of the constant effort we put in to get this done, and a big help was the fact that FEMA helped us in this battle by giving a statement, as is mentioned in the sub-chapter in the traffic bill. I just wanted to say thank you. This really proves that FEMA makes a difference.”

    Original Source: Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations

    FEMA Mission and Policy - Click Here
    FEMA Riders’ Charter 2008 - Click Here

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    It seems that the do gooder forces want to see riders mandatorily wrapped up from head to toe, despite most riders there already making a choice to mostly ride with gear. So what the hell is the driver??? This is a philosophical push. That is very interesting and worth noting as a dogooder with a cause is a helluva force.

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  2. its simply social engineering
    Icelands people told the bankers to go to hell and refused to socialise private debts

    this is but a start in trying to reign the people in under control
  3. ertu kúl eða kjáni?
    Hugsaðu málið til enda!

    Are you cool or fool?
    Think the matter to an end!

    I'd hazard a guess that the dogooder has not thoroughly thought out the whole matter particularly with respect to how practical it would be to enforce. The most glaring points are, what standard is applied to the mandated gear and how does a small market support the supply of it. Scariest part for any rider would be the cost being born by the end user.

    It seems to be born of idealism.

    Delete the whole thing from the Internet, before the Victorian bureaucrats see it and gets any more stupid ideas!!!
  4. Nice, but before you get up on that horse and take it for a run, that government was overthrown and the country had a completely new constitution written.
  5. The TAC doesn't support mandatory gear - at present. (Based on their recent RSC parliamentary inquiry submission).

    Vicroads seems to be pushing for some kind of mandatory level of gear for novices.

    Industry experts don't support mandatory gear, namely due to the incosistent standards and difficulty of enforcement and also because most riders already wear gear.

    Vicpol however, support mandatory 5 pieces of gear, at all times and hi viz. I haven't seen a compelling argument why except that it's apparently self evident why. I haven't seen any decent discussion from them about the negatives about their proposal and the suggested work arounds... that's not their problem.
  6. Rob, does that include their own officers? The union up here wouldn't wear it when it was proposed (way back when) , or so I have heard.
  7. If you can squid in Iceland on more than a couple of days of the year you're probably immune to gravel rash anyway :D.
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  8. I'm only going on the official submissions to the Vic RSC inquiry into motorcycle safety. Whether it's member supported or not or just some larger social engineering chess game by the higher ups, I don't know.

    VicPol were also after RFID or frontal identification to help improve road user safety - but totally botched the use of traffic camera office data (that no one else was allowed to see). The very cynical approach was incredibly transparent.

    If you get a chance to read the regional police officer submissions, you'll see a real human face to the uniform, unlike the official submission.

    I think Vicpol has some significant form when it comes to motorcyclists... they seem to still be operating from a point of view that we're all OMC members.
  9. Upon being breathalised at the bottom of Arthur's Seat a few months back I was wearing blue tradesman's cargos (but they were kevlar lined). The cop said something about them - I just said "kevlar mate" and he was happy. Although I did think at the time "It's really none of your business officer!"
  10. Where's our friend Garido? This is why we'll get mandatory gear long before Europe does. Not because a few of us are giving the rest of us a bad name, but because all of us don't have the balls to tell our Government to get ****ed.

    I call it the 'all of us v's the some of us model'.

    The more we point the finger at each other the longer they get away with pointing the finger at all of us.

    Stupid much?
  11. So grow a set.
  12. bureaucrats and politicians don't run governments they just front them
  13. Meh. You talk it over with the icelanders. There was a reason Assange and the wikileaks crew hid out there during the storm.
  14. Kind of an interesting conundrum, this...

    Supposing gear is mandated. Will you be required to prove the provenance of your strides by pulling them down by the side of the road?

    The more your working cop understands the difficulties he will face, the less inclined he will be to want to enforce them. Worth taking the time to explain?
  15. [​IMG]

    Which will increase costs.
  16. Or keep passing the attitude test maybe. I prefer to see the boys in blue in my rear vision mirrors receding rather than in my face doing whatever they can to impede me.
  17. Ever seen a machine washable tamper-evident tag on any piece of clothing?

    Next it will be helmets with shock sensors fitted; after all the rider should be able to prove to the enforcement officer that it was compliant when bought and has not suffered any use/misuse that might render it non-compliant.

    Roll-over protection for all motorcycles is on the cards too... only works with seatbelts though, no problem, mandate those too... all too top heavy now, not a problem, just add more wheels to make it stable. Madated. Hmmmnnn.... what was this problem about bike safety? What bike?

    Why isn't that car passenger wearing a helmet? Don't you know that many deaths in cars are caused by head injuries?

    Oh Nanny... save me from all these crazy people.
  18. Then i hope you enjoy them bending you over while you're attention is elsewhere.

    Don't think I'm singling you out Anto cos I'm not, but by fuck if you haven't done anything wrong then stand your fucking ground and watch them turn to water. These cunts are hyped up on their own self importance so learn your rights and protect yourself with them, cos they're coming for them whether you're polite or not.
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  19. Fuck yeah let's play.

    Remember the riposte from Vicroads when it was put to them about filtering? They mentioned it was unlikely to get up because of the difficulties with enforcement. Interesting. The po-po didn't even show for the meeting....interesting.

    Then they refused to accept the proposal based on 'self evidence' even though there is plenty, naming their requirements as being independent peer reviewed research.

    Yet here we have the po-po running around putting forth proposals and making public comments based on exactly the same criteria that Vicroads said is untenable.

    Politics is not a game of numbers, it's a game of cunts. Play ball....

    ....no fuck that, play the game.
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  20. I wish I could thank your post many times brother.

    That obvious piece of hypocritical logic had slipped my notice! What an intelligent piece of insight which highlights another obvious inconsistency in the VicPol approach to motorcycles and motorcyclists.

    They are anti filtering because it'd be difficult to enforce despite the obvious safety benefits. Yet they are pro gear BECAUSE of the safety benefit, despite it being very difficult to enforce.

    Clearly, it's not logic at play here. Well observed.

    When VicPol attend international police conventions, their heads must implode when they meet motorcycle CHiPs, UK motorcycle cops and other cops from jurisdictions where filtering is encouraged.