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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. :D

    Live in Concert
    From the crew that brought you Sean Paul, the Outlawz and Public Enemy Get Busy Productions and Roll The Dice in conjunction with Gas Nightclub and Room 680 Hawthorn proudly presents Ice -T, the O.G himself!

    With *:
    With local supports
    DJ's Peter Gunz & Nick Toth
    Hosted by MC Uncle Abe
    Special performance by all consciousness crew
    Select Venue:
    Room 680
    Select Date:
    Fri 8 Jul 2005 9:00pm

    Ticket pricing at:
    Room 680, VIC on Fri 8 Jul 2005 9:00pm

    general admission
    Adult Price (OVER 18's ONLY) $61.30


    Who's going?
  2. Is this some sort of homy humor?
  3. Kind of.
    Im gonna go, none of netrider will.
  4. I like how a guy who created "songs" such as Cop Killer" now makes a living playing a Police Officer in one of the 200 different Law & Order shows.
  5. Isn't he on law and order.Didnt know he could sing :shock: .
  6. If you only knew him from Law & order, Ever wonder why he had a name as "Ice-T"

    Not a normal name

    Ice-T is againts corrupt cops, not all cops. Now he portrays a good cop on law and order.
  7. He called himself Ice T because it sounds tougher than his real name.........

    Traciy Marrow

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Tracy, the Original Gangster!!!!!!
  8. I just tried to get Simple Plan tix for my son and I but found the only tix left were up in the gods. Figured I would take him to see Ice T instead but its only 18 and over :( (he has 4 years to wait for those events)
  9. Groberts looks pretty dodgy, he could organise him a fake ID :p
  10. I'll wait for Roots Manuva thanks :D
  11. So what do you wanna be when you grow up?
    Good choice

    I guess it's easy for ignorant people to take a song like cop killer out of context...

    Ice is alright, it's a shame too many people have no idea what he stands for or who he really is. And i'm not a rap fan, i hate rap, and i'm not too keen on SVU, but Ice always has been the man. Body count was the funniest record ever, anyone else here actually own it?
  12. not for a homy convention, waste good recourses on that :wink: :D
    now if it was a strip show or something thats a bit differant :D
  13. because he cant spell ? :)
  14. i'm there!!!
  15. oh wait, i forgot i had no money, i'm not there :(

    mat take a video camera for me ;)

  16. Yeah i got an original Body Count
  17. I Ripped my brothers copy onto PC does that body count?
  18. you ripped your brothers what!?
  19. lol, almost how i got mine....

    Except my copy was ripped off from my brother.
  20. To Cosi

    I copyed my brothers CD "Body Count" onto a computer, then i converted that into .MP3 format. So now i have "Body Count" on my computer.

    :roll: :roll: