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ice skating

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. We took the kids to Icehouse in Docklands yesterday. What a great place! The kids have never been on the ice before and it must be 20 years since Yvonne and I skated but we had a great time. The only down side is that I fell hard on my wrist and she fell hard on one thumb. I'm off the bike for a couple of days, but the sight of the two of us combining to open one jar is probably worth it!

    As an aside, they've got lots of lockers but they don't look big enough for helmets
  2. sounds like fun, i have never been ice skating before How much was it and apart from the skating what else do they have there
  3. is it better than oakleigh?
  4. continue that on the bike, put her on the back and hold 1 side of the handle bar each :)
  5. I love ice skating too. I wish I had more opportunities take my daughter more often. Last October I took her friends as well and helped one of them to skate for the first time.
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    like [URL="]this![/URL]

    OP, how much is it?
  7. I'd be wearing mine. Sounds dangerous to me...
  8. Is it just me, or is the ad for that place quite creepy?

    That shot of Steven Bradbury sliding sideways past the camera kinda freaks me out. :shock:
  9. $68 for a family ticket for a 2 hour session. Plenty of time for half a dozen wobbly laps, a cup of hot chocolate and then another half dozen laps. The price includes skate hire + helmet and kneepads for the kids. They also have little penguin support things for the kids - just a shame they don't do them for adults too.


    we went early expecting it to be very busy on the PH but the 10 o'clock session wasn't too bad. by 12:30 though it was pretty crowded. they've got two rinks - one for ice hockey and one for public skating. I can't compare it to anywhere else but because it's new all the hire equipment was in good condition.

    the wrist's almost better today so back on two wheels tomorrow!
  10. Remember ATGATT. :LOL:

    I smacked the back of my head on the ice last time I went.
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    yeee good find lol