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Ice on Tyres + Throttle Happy = 180 spin and dropped bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ChiggenWingz, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. So an update on how I’m going with my 1000cc GSXR 1000K6…

    …Bad :(

    I don’t think I’ll ever buy a new bike again, because I can’t stop scuffing it or messing it up somehow. And now I’ve added the finishing touches to the fairing to make it uniquely mine, I spun out when riding off after a meet only to drop it, here’s how it all happened…

    Well I was just saying bye to the ladies after finishing up at the Netrider meet here in Canberra. A few of us headed to a local pool hall and had a few games. By the time we got back to our bikes, there was a slight bit of frost/ice on the seat. Hmm, funny it didn’t really click with me at the time, ice on seat, is pretty much the same as ice on road and tyers.

    So the bike is all nice and warmed up, and I just love the sound of my bike as I blip the throttle, tis a good sound; Get on and set off, while turning to the right. :cool:

    Now being the giddy little nut I am, I do love to roll on the throttle, expecting that I’d finish the corner, be upright by the time I get towards the power band and I’d be able to accelerate away with a nice roar… didn’t happen.

    As I started to lean in a bit, the bike suddenly tipped downwards and then spun VERY quickly, I think I also accelerated unexpectedly because of that, which saved me for the first second… Now I’m a bit confused as to what happened next, but I’m sure those who saw it will clarify it, I’ll just put down my fussy recollection of what happened… Basically with the back wheel spinning a little faster than I was expecting, the entire bike spun around 180, turning to face the direction I had just come from. From a brief moment, I had thought, “wow! That was close, didn’t loose it entirelyâ€, but flawed instincts had me shutting down the throttle like an L plater on an 80kph sweeper and thus the bike collapsed to the side, down I went.

    I was confused at the time as to why it happened, I was perfectly fine, my mind was just focusing on what just happened thus I was standing around like a goon with my bike still running on its side. Thankfully the ladies came to the rescue and helped me get the bike back up.

    With a quick inspection, the exhaust seems to have a noticeable scratch in it, and there’s some prominent scuffing on the fairings. Mind you I only saw this at night, so it could be a lot worse than my initial impressions.

    So every bit of me wants to find something to blame and scream at, but its entirely my fault and I should have been on the ball a bit more, so while I know its funny to laught at, and I do encourage people to have a giggle at my little down, I’ll probably get over my simmering bitterness to dropping my bike pretty quickly. Cause seriously, I spun my bike 180! That was awesome for the first second, the drop just was the upsetting climax to it all.

    So the morals of the story? :p

    - If you’re upgrading your bike, remember, setting off on a bigger bike, letting the clutch out fully will have you moving MUCH quicker than you would on the 250

    - Ice, and coldness REALLY affects grip, so if you see ice of frost on your bike, its probably not going to grip the road to well

    - Each time I go to show off, something bad happens. I really need to show off less

    - Buying a new big bike, you’ll never be able to keep it pristine clean

    - Bikes are meant to be ridden, so I need to stop being so precious about my bike being dirty.

    Ride smart everyone, and I hope someone somehow saves themselves the same annoying grief I had :oops:

    Big thanks to Mel and Kathline for their help (it actually took me to the end of writing this to remember their names, how bad am I :LOL: )
  2. Scratches add character :wink:

    I can't shed any light on what actually happened... I was looking down, putting on my gloves, looked up and you were already on the ground :eek: :shock:

    Didn't look too bad... but as you said, it was dark.

    Could have been much worse... glad it wasn't!

    Mel (on the ZX6R... seeing as you are forgetting who we are :p )
  3. *note to self* do not buy slightly used GSXR1000K6 from ChiggenWingz

    Sorry to hear about the off. Ice can be like that
  4. ah ya clown, stop showing off, might help you to keep it upright, but i know what you mean it sucks to drop a new bike. (although i would hardly call mine new when i binned it :p )

    best part about it all is, it's now damaged so you can really get out there and ride her without fear of scratching it her for the first time.....and if it helps you know you were the first to go down on her :rofl:
  5. Aack... not something I would have thought of either, seeing as my bike is garaged at home and undercover at work. So thanks for making me more aware for when I'm out elsewhere! Very nice of you to teach me a lesson by taking the damage yourself :p

    Of course, I'm hoping I won't insist on learning the lesson through experience myself.
  6. There never seems to be an end of the deflowering process is there :wink:
  7. Rule one. Sports bikes (and thier tyres) are not the match for extreme road conditions.

    Instead of handing this off as just inexperience (which may have a bit to do with it) check out your bikes set up for the season in which you are riding. Pilot powers etc. are great for dry or plain wet weather, but any oil, ice, sheet rain etc will render them useless. Also (like my R1) you can take off in second gear. This significantly improves take off traction and stops offs when taking off around corners.

    This is why people buy and ride bikes like this for commuting and delivery work.


    Several of my work mates have sports bikes for summer and motards or other workhorses for the winter.
  8. maybe if it was successful you would leave a doughnut
  9. Sorry to hear mate. Its always hard to come to terms with scratching your ride. Especially when you have got it looking just the way you want it. At least now that its got marks on it you can put your mind at ease about scratching it again and go nuts. :twisted:
  10. You mean a bike that's already ugly, so it doesn't matter if you drop it? :grin:

    Don't worry dude, a drop is liberating. You know for next time.
    I did the same thing with cold tyres this winter.
    I did the same thing in summer on crappy road surface.
    I did the same thing in a Maccas car-park on my L's coz I forgot to put my foot down.

    Some people make all these stupid little learning mistakes when they're on a dirt-bike when they're 15. Some of us learn them on a road-bike when we're a lot older, and it's a more expensive exercise.

    You can know your vehicle all you like. Knowing the road is different and ya don't need to be too surprised if it gets the better of you once in a while :)
  11. Re: Ice on Tyers + Throttle Happy = 180 spin and dropped bik

    Ha ha!! I hear you brother!! :LOL:

    Glad you didn't hurt yourself though mate.
  12. You wanna know what really bugs me though? I've been lazy and havent ordered Oggy Knobs. HAD I done that I would have had less greif. DOH! :roll:
  13. Aw man, that sucks. D:

    Not hurt at all, I hope?
  14. Nah not a scratch or bump on me :LOL:
  15. yeah, but we still have the odd brain fade. you are never too old, nor too experienced to fcuk up and drop a bike.
    shit happens.

    and chicken wings -
    a rush of blood to the head, combined with showing off almost always ends in tears ;)
  16. Sorry to hear about your off mate...

    cold tyres, big power and a little showing off = :cry:

    It's scary how it goes from wow thats cool...to Oh fcuk!!!!

    At least your ok and the bike will live to fight another day...and you'll learn from it :)
  17. Bad luck you goose.

    Sigh. Brand new bikes.
  18. Awww, sorry to hear about that Dale :( Thanks for the write-up though, sharing these unfortunate experiences helps myself and others not do the same thing.
  19. I'd agree with the semi slicks not really being suitable for winter riding, particularly here in the ACT region.
    I doubt you had ice on your tyres, maybe dew, and they were obviously cold. This sort of tyre relies heavily ( I reckon too much for a road tyre) on tyre temperature.
    Too bad you didn't hold the throttle, lock on the front brake and put your feet out, could have made it look like a deliberate helicopter!
    I love my deep treaded road tyres!

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Sorry to hear dude! Youre ok tho, thats the main thing!

    Whats this about being pedantic about keeping her clean??! You mean its not possible?! Ill sure as hell try with mine! hehe Prolly shouldnt have gotten black......

    My friend came over today and had a look at the bike. Then started running her hands over the tank......with rings on her fingers. I nearly cried.