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ICE for your mobile (Handy Tip for all)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. No, it's not about coldly answering your phone or treating your mobile like a beer, it's an initiative started in the UK to assist emergency staff who are dealing with injured people. The ICE in this case stands for 'In Case of Emergency' and is an entry in your mobile phone directory which emergency staff can use to notify the relevant people if you have been involved in an accident.

    You can read more about this here
  2. Assuming of course your phone survives the accident. Seriously though not a bad idea.
  3. Could be a great idea. Hopefully you'll be conscious after you've had your "off' but if you're not...
  4. Doesn't really help people who lock thier phone to prevent netriders from changing the phones display language.
  5. What a great idea! I don't see why a phone shouldn't survive a crash, I've dropped my phone stacks of times and it still works like a charm. I dropped my bike once, and I had to spend money fixing it.

    So mobile phones are tougher than motorbikes.
  6. I always carry my mobile and my pda in a padded section of my tank bag when I'm riding. I figure that they'll be safe there.

    I do NOT advise carrying your phone on a belt, or in your pocket. In both cases, if you fall off the bike and land on them, you will almost certainly destroy the phone, but also damage yourself as the phone is crushed between the road and soft parts of your body.
  7. Or you could just tatto your next of kin's name and number onto your chest... Unless of course you rip all the skin off your chest when you crash...
  8. Im pretty sure telstra sent me out a thing recently about it.
  9. It's an excellent idea, but do the police or ambos always check people's mobiles for an ICE number as a matter of course?
  10. i would of thought most people have their parents/partner's no. in their phone anyway....

    under such a term

  11. Last time I got T-Boned, while I was unconcious in the hospital the police dialled every number in my phone until they got SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed). An ICE number would have saved them a few calls, but they got through anyway.
  12. i dont think they would ring random numbers frrom your phone

    'Sweetcheeks' could be the hooker you picked up downtown last weekend when you were drunk in the gaybar. y'know ?:p
  13. See my post above.
  14. I found a nice new phone one day under a desk in the library here at work. It was unlocked, so I ended up looking into the recently dialled numbers and called the number that was most frequently used (the name ended up being "Spike" - apparently a nick-name for her husband). Arranged to return the phone to the rightful owner through her husband.
  15. thats why i have all all the ladies numbered

    mon. night root
    tues. night root
    wed. night root
    thur. night root
    fri. night root (if she is good can also be sat. night)
    sat. (backup) night root
    sun night root

    this way if something does happen they (police/ambo) can call who ever it is that night and just let them know, that i won't be able to make it. :LOL: 8)

    it's just the polite thing to do :wink:
  16. See - I wasn't talking nonsence @ Mon nite coffee! :shock: It was for real.... :p
  17. "mon. night root
    tues. night root
    wed. night root
    thur. night root "

    Shoot, you eat a lot of veggies.

    but back to the thread: it's worth also having a card in your wallet with emer. numbers.

    'In case of damage to bike, ring my insurer and my best mate'
    'In case of damage to my body, ring my medical insurer and my SO'
    'In case the bastard that did this got away, take paint samples and ring my 'Don't get mad get even' conciliator'