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IBast - McLaren MP4-12C - Your Closet fantasy???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ohmigosh, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. http://smh.drive.com.au/motor-news/mclaren-lands-in-australia-20101202-18h1y.html

    Awesome car though - The 200kph to 0kph in 30 meters is an average decelleration of 5.2 (approx) g's. Same as a F1 car under heavy braking or the maximum felt by a luge rider at Whistler (thanks Wikipedia). Sticky tyres I guess.

    Fun Ha!

  2. i'll buy 4 of them
  3. I suspect that fact is also highly dependant on road quality.
  4. I wouldn't, I'd buy 20 Desmosedici's or 100 Jap litrebikes instead.
  5. Keen to see how it pans out for McLaren. When it came out the F1 was one of my childhood supercars.
  6. I just can't get excited about these supercars. Any one of them produced in the past 20 years is just stupidly fast, so the fact that the last one puts better numbers on paper just does nothing for me.

    Not to mention I've grown to realise I'll never be able to afford one.

    When I get a bit older I might go and buy an old 911. That'll cost me 20 odd, give me enough performance to loose my license and let me pick up high school girls.
  7. Its a bit boring looking, and not many changes from the original Maclaren F1 road car of the 90's...

    I's take a lambo or aston any day of the week over it.

    But no doubt the performance speaks volumes.
  8. if i had all the money in the world, there is only 1 car i would buy, im not real fussed with ferrari or lambo and other supercars

    This would be mine

  9. Pass that crackpipe goz.

    If you wanted a ford, who would look at the ford GT and say, no Id prefer something lower tech, and hideously mutated, then go with a Rustang?
  10. #10 phongus, Dec 3, 2010
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    EDIT: Woops didn't notice gsxxer's post haha...+1

    Goz...if you wanted a Ford, why not a GT.


    I wouldn't mind having the Cobra either... but at the same time have the McLaren parked next to it ;).
  11. Each to their own, why ride a gixxer as I think they are shit?

    Everyone has different tastes
  12. Good thing Im not riding a Spewsuzki anymore :D

    Now a honda owner. Wait, should I be saying that out aloud?
  13. might want to change your name then :)
  14. Supercar performance and supercar prices mean nothing more than expensive scrap without supercar driving skills, just ask Christopher Dawes. Oh yeah, that's right, you can't - he's dead.

    To be fair on cars I've gradually moved towards the "means to an end" camp and find myself preferring the lines and looks of the older vehicles that I recall from the days of short pants and snotty noses.
  15. Have to admit, I would like to have a 70's european vintage car. A V12 jag, lambo or maserati... or a V8 rolls royce or merc.
  16. I still like the big mac F1 road car. It's no longer in production, and it's no longer king of the hill, but if you take away the Veyron owner's second world-land-speed-record key, it is. The Yeyron might be quicker around a track in the rain, in the hands of someone who can REALLY drive, but most of the time the old mac would do it like a dinner.

    That quoted stopping distance / g reading sounds very unlikely to me. A real F1 race car can achieve figures like that, between 200 mph and 150 mph - not down to a stand still. I think somebody is pulling their pud, or there's been a typo.

    If I had a spare few million dollars to spend on toys, I might go for the latest 911 Turbo S with the Chronos package. It's about the fastest car you can get that's still for all intents and purposes, a practical car. The Gallardo's not, the GT2 and GT3 are not. The R8 audi with the big motor is another possibility...

    If I had $100k to spend on a car, here in Aus, I'd get a ford G6E turbo, and beef it up a bit. I'm told that a good tuner can get 600hp out of them with ZERO mechanical mods, and 800 with minimal mods. (I'm also told that tuners who only think they know what they're doing, can get lumps of hot metal and loud noises out of them pretty easily too.) Fairly tight slippery dif, great big sway bars f & r, and leave the rest alone. Most people will just think it's grandpa's car, or the bank manager has dropped in to hassle you. They don't look like "Hey you! Copper kahn! You can't catch me!"
  17. read what you wrote and read what was in the article.

    FYI. It takes less energy to decelerate from 200 km/h to zero than it does 200 mph to 150 mph. Therefore there necessary work to stop from 200 km/h in 30 m is less than the work to decelerate from 200 to 150 mph. That is, if an F1 car can decelerate from 200 mph to 150 mph in 30 metres, it can also decelerate from 200 km/h to a standstill in 30 metres.
  18. Yes, that's correct. What I meant was that at speeds over 150 or so, a full F1 race car can generate about 5g of deceleration. As downforce drops off, like drag, at the square of V, so does braking. I didn't mean it could drop 50 mph in 30m.

    I will go back and have a closer look....
  19. whether the mclaren can or can't stop that quickly, that's what the numbers say.
  20. FWIW, I hate the veyron. It's a fat bug that can go fast. SO . . . Many other cars can get similar numbers down, and manage to actually good. It's hideous.
    I do appreciate the engineering that has gone into it's build though.