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I would have kick out the back window of the bus.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Aug 12, 2009.

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  2. yeah, that story is a little sus !

    Like seriously ! i reckon the passengers accepted the free trip to Brisbane once they were told by the driver of its service ! Any decent person would have taken action after it missed the Gosford turn-off.

    10hrs is a long time ! and a couple of rest stops along the way . . . surely they could have rang authorities or the relevant transport authority to report the mistake.

    Its not as if they were travelling 36,000ft in the air and can only stop at airports ! The passengers took advantage of the mistake.
  3. I'm pretty sure if they wanted to get off then they should have just started pissing on the floor, or throwing shit at the bus driver. Used to get me kicked off back at school (throwing, not pissing).
  4. Err, you've never been on a 10 hour bus ride, have you? Not cool.
  5. absolute gold :LOL: and i thought the public transport system in Melb was Farked :LOL:
  6. simple. bomb on the bus defense. :grin:

  7. If you read the story nobody was stopping the passengers getting off the bus at any of the scheduled stops, they just didn't get off in the towns the bus stopped at.

    And yes it is definitely the case that buses aren't allowed to make stops outside their scheduled route. If a driver did that here he'd get an official warning in his record, if it was his 3rd infraction he'd be terminated.

    And because it was a rail replacement service the driver would have been required to make an announcement of destination before departure.

    It sounds to me like a group of passengers didn't listen to the staff, got on the wrong bus and then expected to have the bus turn around and take them back to their starting point (which was the only other option the driver had) which would have left the majority of passengers (who'd done the right thing) stuffed instead.

    It's simple... media beat up.
  8. Some people just like to make up stories.