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I would hate to ride a LAMS bike!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. :shock:
    Took my little project bike on a dyno run tod today

    CBR250RR aussie model 98

    Remeber limit is 150kw/tonne


    bhp = 47hp = X 0.745699872 kilowatts = 35kw this is the one they use!!
    rwhp (rear wheel) = 37hpmeasured = 28kw

    weight ~ 160kg

    power to weight rato = 35/0.160 = 218kw/tonne

    even if you use rwhp it is 28kw which works out to be = 172kw/tonne

    And by the way, when looking up how to calculate the ratio, no mention of rider weight is appplied. Unless some one can show conflicting doucmentation.!!
  2. i think in nsw at least they use a weight of approx 80 kg.
    And mods dont count in LAMs ur cbr would be classified as 40 hp (as most of them are)

    congratz on extracting 2 extra HP from ur cbr (not counting the 5 u would get by changing the ignition to a pre 1993 model)
  3. ..and isnt that a sad fact :LOL:
  4. Gotta love optimistic dynos! Were temperature and barometric pressure corrected? Where is the printout?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Yes they do calculate rider weight in that figure, its 80 or 90 kilos if I remember correctly.
  6. In the ACT they add a full tank of fuel and 90kgs rider weight for bikes under 260cc, and 68kgs for bikes over 260cc. Your CBR is well within the restrictions, a stock one has approx 120kw/tonne with the rider weight etc added on.

    FFS, no wonder you Mexicans are 10 years behind us!
  7. Its not all about power when your riding. Torque has a big bit to play in it.

    I'd rather ride a less powerful but torquier 650 v-twin LAMS bike that you didn't have to wring it's neck.

    I'd be interested in what my mates RS250 has power to weight wise.
  8. SHHHH! It's all the 250 guys have to cling to, top end horsepower numbers! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.

  9. We don't really have a choice :oops:
  10. Damn straight. For example, the ZXR250 has 1.2 times the power/weight of a GS500, but the GS500 has 1.25 times the torque/weight and has the added benefit of not sounding like a bloody whipper-snipper :LOL:

    As for the Aprilia, claimed figures for a stock 2001 RS250:

    Power: 54.1kw @ 11,900RPM
    Torque: 40NM @ 10,750RPM
    Dry Weight: 140kg
  11. Don't the rules take into account a 90kg rider?
  12. Like I said above:

  13. Thats it! My chainsaw is going on a dyno this week :LOL:
  14. I'll dig out mine...run ya for pinkslips!
    (hmm, would a chainsaw pull you along the road if you were laying on a mechanic's creeper.....).

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. This might
    (Yes that is a tuned expansion pipe on the exhaust :grin: :cool:).
  16. And as for the fact that it has four fifths of F$%k all Torque untill it's screaming it's t!ts off this doesn't mean anything to you?

    A Bigger bike with the same or less peak power to weight, with higer capacity would give you better Torque, so would actually achive better accaleration than the 250 4 pot screamer.
  17. Even that's not a guarantee FL, but your idea is right. It's all about how easy it is to ride. Sure, rev the absolute nuts off the 250 and it might actually accelarate either the same or quicker than a LAM's bike, but it is going to take work and effort to do it. Whereas on the LAM's bike, you just click down a gear (if that) and roll the throttle and you're past. And that's the idea (as much as I can see) about allowing LAM's bikes. They've been framed with the idea that a bike that is easier to ride is a safer bike than one that can get itself into all sorts of issues due to it's difficulty.

    I think the LAM's idea is great and it's encouraging that the Vic government have seen fit to implement it. It will encourage those who were put off getting into biking with the prospect of riding a 250 for a year, hopefully get rid of a lot of the grey hyper 250's being ridden to within an inch of their (and their owners) life and also allow the importers to bring a few more of the mid range bikes into the market.
  18. I see your pissy 2 stroke and raise you 7 more cylinders :p
  19. Yep, LAMS bikes are LAME. The holy half decent one is the Hyosung GT650R with the restrictor taken out.

    Still, variety is good. Means there won't be such a captive audience in the 250 market in Vic anymore.
  20. List of LAMS approved Motorcycles

    Hi Guys and Gals, Re this thread NSW has a list of approved LAMS bikes that are also applicable in Victoria, Same rules apply.

    See Here