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I wont be doing that again!...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Riding down a steep incline with hair pin bends to the left and right...... I was lining up a sharp downward turn to the right.... and thought it would be a good idea to change down to 1st gear! WRONG!! Back end went flip, flop, flip,flop... and I went :eek:hno:.. wobble, wobble.

    Not sure why I didnt have the logic to work out that it was a BAD idea at the time... but I sure won't be doing that again! :|

  2. You can slip the clutch if the gear is too low, or just slow down a bit more first! If 1st was appropriate for the speed, then use it.
  3. if you are going to down shift, while heading down the hill, you need to allow a bit of space to roll on the throttle/bleep the throttle to stop the rear from locking....but yes screw it up and the rear which is normally already unloaded by the braking can move around....fun isn't it (y)

    whatever you do though make sure you ride through downhill turns, most people seriously struggle with downhill, and it's because they roll through the turn instead of riding through it on the throttle
  4. I have no problems rolling on the gas while i'm going down hill but the area where I find the problem is body position on a steep descent because i am trying to keep my bum far back in the seat and locking the outside leg but due to gravity find myself sliding forward. Its not a major issue as it doesn't affect the lines but it is definitely an annoyance as I like to be set up perfectly everytime I corner.
  5. again for me i grip the tank while under heavy breaking/downshifting and as finishing all this actually notice i more slightly take my weight through the pegs/legs and stand/push the bike up across/away from the turn, sorta slide it across underneath me and i move into the cornering position, i don't think it's correct way or right process for setting up for a corner but it seems to work for me....imo a lot of corner talk is all that, you need to be comfy in how you are cornering, i agree somethings need to happen no matter body position but other are slightly flexiable
  6. AAAhh.. although im still a learner.. when I was 18 and foolish.. had a cb200 Honda.. known for their crappy brakes.. same scenario.. doing about 70 downhill, from left to right..ooops too fast..downshifted and ...statted sliding.. as a had no idea about riding... i grab for the front brake... and did the best somersault i have ver done in my life... it was pissing down..so luckily i slid on my back/ass for a good 15 meters... thank god for jacket and gloves/thick pants...
    so then i learned to:
    1 Slow down in the rain (again...18 and STOOPID!!)
    2 Downshift on the straight
    3 this is something i learned on the rider safe course (Best money ever spent!!)..braking while turning..(straighterning bars and then stopping!!)
  7. The major mistake that most of us make riding downhill and negotiating downhill corners is to lock our elbows. It's the very worst thing you can do because it forces you back in the seat and stops you from being able to countersteer at the lower speeds.

    Downhill Braking/Cornering 101: Keep elbows loose.