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I wonder why this never took off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]
    :? :shock: :LOL:

  2. Ha ha ha, can you imagine it!!! A valiant attempt at rider training though...
  3. Bikes have a hard enough time with one dope at the bars .. :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Besides, they've got the order wrong; the woman is usually the back-seat driver :LOL:.
  5. :rofl:
    and could you imagine taking you mates as pillion! if they are anything like mine, they'd be jumping on the back brake and banging it into neutral every chance they got!
  6. "......it was a splendid way to spend the afternoon, until her scarf got caught in the wheel."
  7. And they talked about my country and Angle falls too!!!

  8. Gives new meaning to back seat driver :p
  9. Pillions can already upset things quite enough with the lean the wrong way trick. I wouldn't want to provide further opportunity.
  10. and hows the facial expressions?
    the dude is like-"shit i dont like the idea of this."
    and the chick is like-"jump on ya poosy,what could go wrong?"
  11. ....it was a splendid afternoon until they both tried to counter-steer in opposite directions to avoid the truck...and didn't.

  12. Because he thought that after asking for help she might listen to the response?? :?

    If you've seen this post then it may mean I am dead now. :LOL:
  13. women? riding motorcycles??
    what next, letting them VOTE???
  14. don't worry, i'm not a chauvanistic pig.
    in fact, i LOVE the smell of burning bras!
    i just...happen to love getting hit by women just as much
    it's the degenerate pig thing. don't ask.
  15. option (1) yes, it's been broken in. 17% [ 11 ]
  16. loki your a pissa! :)