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I wonder sometimes

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by speedy1, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So we're coming through the Black Spur the other day, traffic not too bad.
    We hit a line of cars about a quarter of the way in (coming from Buxton side). Start to get a bit frustrated as there's not much overtaking, so bugger this, I boot the bike and start rounding all these cars up. well stuff me there's a learner bike up the front, wobbling along doing about 30km. Well I'm sorry learner but I had to take you on the outside otherwise needless deaths might have occurred. Come up to another bunch of cars and what's holding them up?,
    another bloody bike. Old mate on his sports tourer thingo waiting for learner to catch up.
    Pull off the F%^king road mate and WTF are you doing take an obviously inexperienced rider on the Black Spur?
    You're lucky no one muscled you off the road.
    Now to the fool on the motard thing at the roundabout at Thompsons Rd and W/Port hwy. Mate, if you're gunna pull out in front of cars and trucks make sure you boot the thing, no good looking at us! Oh yeah, relax your bloody arms. They were so straight you battled to negotiate a 100km/hr roundabout!
    People, have a good look at yourselves and maybe invest in some training!
    Stay off the good roads until your fairly competent!
    Now everyone, abuse me for being harsh.

  2. to be fair, travelling at 100km/hr around a roundabout is a lot harder than it looks.

    and as for your abuse for being harsh. you should get tested for Aids because you were in a cage. car seats spread Aids imho
  3. "Around", yes.
    But you'd only do that if the lip in the middle was too big...
  4. I had a similar thing happen last Saturday heading to Wollembi,coming down to Lemmings Corner there is a Que of 15 cars and at the front is a medium size Pantechnican.
    Fair enough its steep and twisty.This wanker then proceeds to continue for the next 20 ks at 50kph in the 80kph much more open and flat bit but with no brake in the double yellow lines and just enough corners so zero chance of even an illegal pass on all 15 cars.
    There was plenty of safe pull over spots but not a chance of that happening.Came close to stuffing a good ride,I have on idea what goes on in some brains.I expect there is no mirror checks happening/
  5. I read it as if the OP was actually going to kill the Learner out of frustration, if he couldn't get past?
    A needless death was therefore avoided - well done.
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  6. I would hope not. Advocating, or supporting, the death of another simply because of a single incident of frustration or bad decision making is heinous. Even more so when against a fellow rider! But this is a venting forum for blowing of steam, so I would hope the choice of wording and phrasing was nothing more than that and not a true reflection of how the OP would have otherwise dealt, or wanted dealt.
  7. This line raises the question, what do you mean by that?
  8. Mouth, please!
    I meant the whole thing figuratively, as (I'm sure) did the OP!
    Sorry, I thought it was obvious...
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  9. ...That's the largest number of deleted posts in a row I've ever seen O_O
  10. .....this
  11. I'm curious as to what was said! PM anyone?
  12. Yes it was in a cage, 11 tonnes worth, and I was wearing bandaids.
  13. That line was pure tongue and cheek. To be honest though, if we choose not to stay behind vehicles, we can pass them any time we feel like it (almost).
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  14. Not harsh, mate! REAL. it's so easy for a bike to pull in on the spur, and let the cars pass. Who would want to ride around with cars up there arsk when trying to learn. Stupid asshat. It was good that you were able to get the jump on the cars in the few spots of broken lines, coz no doubt, overtaking on the solid line, is the spur camo-ranger's favorite ticket these days. :)
  15. I think you can safely assume that to be case, Mouth. (groan)
  16. Weekend warriors giving motorcyclists a bad name
  17. Do you know what a weekend is?
    Do you know what a warrior is?
    Do you know what a motorcyclist is?
    Do you know what a bad name is?
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  18. I had a weekend once
  19. WTF does the ARES have to do with motorcyclists. Unless they're ARES MP's, maybe.

    As for old mate and his learner friend. There's not much that shits me off more than pricks who think it's their dog given right to sit under the speed limit and hold everyone up.

    I have no problem with a learner being on any road, but FFS, pull over and let the faster vehicles past, you'll save everyone some grief.
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  20. is there a non redacted version of this thread?? I feel like I'm reading a CIA brief.

    On a more serious note, I agree that it would have been highly frustrating to come up against that. I guess I can understand a noob riding there on their own (you know, heard how good it is, decide to check it out, then "OH SH1T, all these cars behind me... what's that smell??") but not sure why someone else would take a learner there. On the other hand, my second ever group ride was reefton spur, black spur, that CRAZY road down to marysville (can't remember it's name... the skinny one with the million foot drop off if you get it wrong). I did manage to do them all at the speed limit, however.