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I wonder if.... ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. .......... all the big brave boys who were swearing on a pile of GMH shares ten feet high a year ago that 'they'd never sell their big Aussie six and buy a Japanese four, etc etc.." are re-considering with the current fuel costs? Or perhaps they're just buying cheaper birthday presents for their wives and loved ones ??? :LOL:.

  2. No Hornet, their problem, inner city, is that they all need taxis to get to the curb and with the rising fuel prices, they could not afford it.
  3. some sixes actually have economy thats close to an average 4 cylinder if you drive them the right way.its the morons who go out and buy so called 'all aussie' V8's with engines that are built in america and suck sh!tloads of full on idle that get me.but my favourite motorists are those who buy bloody big suv's to putt around cities and use the size of the vehicle to compensate for theyre paranoia and complete lack of driving abilities. :evil:
  4. which is why i drive a mini.
  5. I just bought a yank tank :LOL: :LOL:


    Yes I have a small penis
  6. Given the weight/size of some 4-cylinders now they're not really an advantage (especially if they have 4wd for no real reason). Here at work they're replacing the entire vehicle pool with Camry's because they're 4-cylinder and therefore better for the environment/running costs - even though in reality they actually suck far more fuel than a V6 Commodore.
    People would use a lot less fuel if everyone didn't start and finish work at exactly the same time.
  7. our 2.2 apollo uses more or less the same as the ecotec v6 we had in the bommodore @ around 8L/100km (country/highway driving of course), until we chuck a load (family) in it. thats when the apollo shows its worth :)
  8. 4 cyl Tubo injected Deisel...... may be higher price to fill the tank but boy does it get you further.

    VW Golf TDI 55L tank..averages around 1050Km mixed between highway and town... rolls up to 1200Km just on highway work.

    takes about $75 to fill at high prices.

    ok so it's not a race/sports muscle but thats what the bike is for. car is just a necessity.
  9. +1
    my 08 Hilux fits 65L in the tank, after the fuel light comes on, and i can get to rosies, and then back to bairnsdale before i need to fill up again :cool:
    thats around 1000km, from memory :!:
  10. Last Camry I borrowed, which was one of the new VTEC engined ones, used around 11-12L/100km - and that was just relaxed highway driving from Ballarat->Geelong->Melbourne ->Ballarat (no passengers).
    Current model Commodore driven the same way only uses around 8-9.
    It's not just me that's noticed it either.
  11. step 1 would be to ban automatic transmissions.

    airconditioners a close second..although they are nice on 45 degree summer day when you have to travel for 4 hours. Maybe summer only then.
  12. My TF Magna Sports is great on fuel. On an average week the bike does about $40 of fuel compared to the Magnas $20.

    Sure the bike does do 350kms compared the 100kms the Magna might do around town.

    Seriously though the old 3l V6 Magna is as good if not better a lot of modern family cars when it comes to consumtion.
  13. Yep. Ban the Girliematic gearbox, and power steering too. Cheaper to run all the time.
  14. Yep I hate having them on my car on my daily drive in traffic. :roll:
  15. Any car's cheap if you never drive it. I'm not complaining for myself, but my daughter, for example, drives from Wollongong to Berrima and back 5 days a week in a Camry V6. That's where she works, so she can't avoid the costs because there's no public transport.

    It's the people sitting traffic jams in Bexley and Croydon, creeping past dealerships selling smaller cars while they drive from Seven Hills to Sydney, or Lilydale to the CBD, that I'm wondering about.
  16. Of course she can avoid it - by moving to Berrima!

    Whether she can or wants to live in Berrima is another question entirely.

    But I agree, using your car for a trip of only a few kilometres is daft to say the least unless you need to carry many kilos of tools or equipment for your work.
  17. We've got the 3.5L Verada booked in for an LPG conversion in the next few weeks! It'll cost $2990 to convert but Big Kev'll give us $2000 of that back. Which makes it a $990 conversion and at current fuel prices that'll pay for itself in 8 months. Realistically though, about a year. :grin:
  18. Fixed for you.
    Also look into the excise for LPG that has been rewritten to rise substantially closer to petrol than it is now.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. I always find it interesting that people compare 5-10 year old, badly out of tune 4 cylinder vehicles to curent large six engines to try and justify owning a Falcodore.
    If you own any four cylinder car that doesn't return less than 9l/100 km on teh highway, you have a serious problem.
    Yes, a six cylinder (and even a V8) will get down to 9-10l/ 100km on the highay, but around town they get hosed.
    Our two year old Magna, driven mildly by my fiance, is returning around 12l/ 100km at the moment, but will dip into the 8's on teh highway.
    We won't be selling the Magna though, as the kilometres it does do not justify it, once you take into account resale value, purchasing another car and teh inevitable loss at trade in.
    Diesel cars LOOK like a solution, until you calculate how long the initially much higher purchase price takes to recoup. Let's just say if you do average kilometres and trade in every 3 years, you are behind....
    As for autos being bad on fuel, teh current 5 and 6 speed autos, with lock up convertors are very efficient. I doubt a typical driver would do much better around town with economy compared to a manual trans.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Correct mate! I just wrote Ruddy coz they're the current Government.

    Really? :shock: All things considered though, even if it does rise substantially we're offloading the car in May to move OS. I figure that if petrol is around $2 by then it'll be even harder to get rid of the Six Cylinder Verada if it's not on Gas.