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I won, I won!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by removed-6, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Well, as most noobs do, I have been trolling the net non stop for mths now since deciding to get back on the bike.
    One stop, as you would expect was the Draggin jeans website, at which time I entered their monthly prize competition. Last week I get an email "congratulations, you are our monthly winner", woo hoo I think to myself, I've probably won some socks or something. Bzzzzz, wrong again! Went out there today and picked up some $200+ kevlar jeans, on the house, no strings attached, what size and color would you like sir?

    As a side note(and not because they were free) these jeans ROCK! They are more comfy than my regular jeans, obviously have better protection, and the layer of Kevlar makes them also a bit more wind resistant and warmer than regular jeans. I'm stoked with them! Great product, that I wish I had looked more closely at. If you are considering them, go and try some on and sit on a bike, you will feel the difference as I did.

    thanks Draggin! :grin:

  2. Onya bloke there all i wear in the winter warm and protective :wink:
  3. congratulations! thats a good score!

  4. Great news fella!!! Always good to hear this sort of stuff!! ;)
  5. good stuff..... pretty much the only jeans I'll wear when I'm on the bike.
  6. Congrats, what a score!

    And congrats to Draggins too for raising awareness of the need for protective gear. I know it's in their own commercial interest, but just the number of people here who talk about drops and scrapes and add 'Oh, I was wearing my Draggins and my legs are OK' should be endorsement enough.
  7. Good Stuff Mate, I"m looking at getting a pair of those in the future, haven't done much research though...

    Are in the same sizes as normal Jeans?
  8. Bit scary how many people are up early in the morning here! Oh, so am I. Or are you all farmers like me? :wink:
  9. I picked up my first pair of Draggins' last week that were custom made for me (an extra 4 inches on the legs :shock: :shock: :shock: ). Haven't actually worn them on the bike yet....only been wearing my DriRiders as its too cold when going to and from work over the last week :?

    I would highly recommend them from a service point of view....they were great!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Yeah exactly the same around the waist, they're a bit longer which is great coz my normal jeans rode halfway up my boots, but these sit nicely.
    I'm just stoked :grin:
  11. No ITconsult.... get to work at 7:30 or so....
  12. Awesome! Cheers triway! I think I'll buy me a pair :grin:
  13. Good stuff.. I'm a draggins fan, got jeans and cargos.

    Was wearing the jeans when I trashed the GPX750, only got a slight scuff on the seam, they told me to send 'em back and they'd repair them for free :shock: Now that's service :cool: (not gunna bother tho, it's really not worth the effort the scuff is so small)

    My motodry jacket was ripped to shreds, and the "protective" armour in the sleeve was useless, as it was twisted away from the part of my arm that was sliding on the ground :? But they did save me from any serious injury.

    Gunna get me a draggin jeans jacket for summer riding, my personal experience with their service and product means I wont bother going anywhere else for protective gear, and you get free knee armour if you buy over the web. :wink:

    I love ready a good story first up on a work day :LOL:
  14. Edward, head off to your local sports shop and buy a pair of 3/4 length lycra shorts to wear under the draggins. Adds to the warmth in winter, and protects from the kevlar prickles in summer :)
  15. I didn't know where you were going with that one... I thought you were gonna say just wear the lycra shorts :LOL: now that would be a sight! :shock:

    I will check it out though, thanks for the tip Paul!
  16. You can also get the one's that are padded in the hips like the footy players wear for a bit of protection :wink:
  17. Paul, what is it with you and lycra? 8-[
  18. Tony, shhhhh, you're not supposed to draw attention to it :roll:
  19. I believe the ones hornet wears are just that. I think they are just general sports shorts for footballes, soccer players, cyclists etc.

    And yes i have seen Paul in lycra :shock: ...Just ask stookie and Lil :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Well done mate!! Good luck to ya, so at least we no some people actually win from these online comps.