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I woke up - while riding.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GavinB, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. In light of the recent thread;

    I thought it was prudent to write about a little incident that I had two nights ago.

    I was riding home from a friends place early in the morning (about 2am) when I found myself, waking up on the bike. That's right - waking up.

    I can only guess that I closed my eyes for the briefest of moments... as I was still upright and travelling at 75 (in an 80 zone).

    I had / have no memory of how I got to where I was when it happened either. I clearly remember leaving his place - and then nothing until the moment I opened my eyes (some 45 kms down the road).

    I thank the big guy (no, not you Loz!) - nearly every few minutes since - for the most extremely lucky outcome.

  2. You might have gone into some sort of trance, operating on autopilot but remembering nothing, that's happened to me before. Not on the bike though, I'd say you're a bit bloody lucky.

    Oh, and you're welcome.
  3. Gloody hell Gavin.

    Your a lucky boy.
  4. Has happened to me a fair bit in the car, back when i used to finish work at 1am...

    Thank God you didn't come off!
  5. If it's a road you travel a lot, that can happen, but it's more likely to be in the car than on a bike, I must admit...
  6. The only reason you didn't crash and die in a fireball is because you weren't speeding.
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. That's a bit scary.

    Sometimes when I used to ride push bikes every where, I would vague out and then snap out of it realising that I had covered 10 or so kilometres. It would usually happen on long country sections, but I was clearly peddling whilst out of it, so yeah maybe it was a trancy thing rather than a brief nap.

    Not a good thing either way though!!!
  9. I used to 'zone out' on the way back from uni most days... i'd have to think back to see if i was in an accident and I'd actually died or not :LOL:

    But there was this one time out front of Caufield Monash, after an all-nighter, I woke up drifting lanes, jammed the indicator on and made it look as natural as possible... :-w
  10. +1

    I used to very often zone out and have those 'I don't remember the last few kms' moments - in the car. On the bike its alot easier to maintain attention, but I have found myself on autopilot at least once that I remember. Same thing, late at night coming back from work.

    Its called a micro sleep ;)
  11. Hi everyone,

    I don't entirely disagree with the autopilot / trance ideas...

    It has happened to me a few times - the difference this time around and thus the post, was I specifically remember opening my eyes.

    It really scared the crap out of me at the time - and I have re-lived it a few times since - and I have to say apart from the reassurance that I know I am "currently" ok... it still scares me!

    I truly believe a dodged a premature death.

  12. :shock:
    I dunno if you guys are attempting to see how many of us you can fool with this 'hoax' ? Or if you are all deadly serious.
    Is this for real? You ride klms whilst asleep/semi-concious?
  13. :LOL: get off the hong kongs
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsleep

    This is what you had and what Vic Roads and the RTA advertise about. I had it happen when driving myself, quite scary stuff when you just can't recall those missing seconds.
  15. Ktulu gets it right, as usual.
  16. Dont stress dude. Its totally normal for CBR125 riders to fall asleep whilst riding.

    Wait till youre off your restrictions and get a bigger bike. :)
  17. :LOL: now that's kinda funny
  18. good luck convincing anyone you fell asleep and rode 45km with your eyes closed.

    i will however believe you phased out, rode 44.9km, then had a microsleep at that pont, and "woke up" at the 45km mark.

    you just dont remember the whole 45km due to tiredness and phasing out.
  19. Did you smoke weed or take drugs sometime before the incident? I've had mates who've had 'flashback' type of sensations few days after puffing the reefer.
  20. driving back from qld straight run, got 3 quarters home and i remember a few times where i couldn't remember the last 10 or so km.

    struggling to keep my eyes open, i got home safely :)

    other then that, i have only slept walked a few times, but not sleeping whilst operating vehicle, yet!~ :p