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I witnessed a hit and run on a pushie this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cbr6_rr, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I was almost at work this morning, in Richmond, waiting to turn off Bridge Rd into Burnley St when a guy in a cage turning right ran into a pushbike rider going straight through the intersection. The cyclist was thrown right over the bonnet of the car.

    The car driver slowed, and continued on for a bit like he was going to stop, then just took off.

    The guy was not too badly hurt, but definitely has some injury to his leg.
    I managed to get (what I thought was) the cars numberplate, called the police, gave them my accounts of what happened and went off to work.

    I have now received a call from the police, and they say that the rego number I gave them does not match the car description.

    Normally I'd say that I would have no problem remembering a licence plate like that, but in the heat of the moment - it was not so easy. Nobody else even stopped or offered any assistance. I did momentarily consider going after the car, but didn't want to leave the guy there by himself.

    Now I'm considering staking out that corner for the next few mornings to see if I can see him again. That prick just makes me sick
  2. dude that makes me sick even thinking about it.

    Could be stolen plates? :evil:
  3. asshole !

    Def see if you can see him again. Leave a note on his car window if you can "I know what you did !" He'll shit for a while

    then call the cops again.
  4. fark that eh, i'd be out looking for the karnt day after day :evil: deserves a solid kick in the goolies... with an ice climbing boot :evil:

    theres a good chance that there is some panel beating thats going to be done, you COULD do a bit of a ring around some local wreckers i guess if you really wanted to find the prick. that or handing around that corner for a few days waiting for him could turn something up. might seem like a bit of a waste of time, but how good would it feel to catch up with the farker :twisted:
  5. Then chase him around with a Gaf Hook in a long trench coat :LOL: A`la "I know what you did last summer"

    On a serious note though, thats just F%#^d up that someone would do that
  6. You did the right thing.
    Yeah Burning the Prick would be nice, but looking after the injured rider is priority.
  7. He left , he could have killed the bloke . Once that find him there be jail time for the car driver.
  8. he will be caught no doubt, karma has its way of getting around ;) good idea on the stake out, go for it! hope you see the prick
  9. That's horrible, I hope the police find the moron. :evil:

    You did the right thing by stopping and helping the poor guy.


  10. What sort of car was it??? We'll all look out for it!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  11. hmmm i would have gone after the car and assumed someone else would have helped the downed rider.

    it's a shity world on both accounts, the driver did a runner and no-one else stopped to help.

    i wonder how long you'd be chasing the car holding your horn on before the police noticed something weird was going on :-k
  12. Maybe a month or two, but then again maybe if I did 61.3Km/h in a 60 zone they would notice :grin:
  13. [quote="lidonnitWhat sort of car was it??? We'll all look out for it!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:-(/quote]

    Well I am not 100% sure on that now either. I took a good look at the rego plate as he was driving off, and remember it as being FBT 882, in what appeared to be a very dirty and clapped out 90ish model red toyota camry sedan.

    But the police said that rego belongs to a blue mitsubishi.
  14. what a bloody "see you next tuesday" :twisted:

    the hit and run is surely one of the lowest of low things someone can do. I mean for god's sake theres a guy on the road hurt! If you wont stop for that then your a total dead beat.

    Good on ya for stopping and helping out. I'm impressed you had the piece of mind to even think of getting his plates. I'd be well tempted to stake out the corner as you said and see if the dickwad comes back. Then make him pay.
  15. omg!! I hope karma hits them in the arse!!!
  16. If in contact with the fuzz again ask them to change the numbers around. As humans we are more likely to get the numbers mixed up than the letters. Could it have been 822?
  17. Hope they catch him. People like that make me sick :(
  18. 8s look like 0's... specially if dirty...

    c'mon coppers... do a little bit of logical thinking and find how many of those plates might match up... i'm sure it'd not be much work
  19. The plate matches the year, I had an 92 camry with FCH plates, so I'd say the FBT sounds good.
    Wouldn't be hard for the coppers to match all red camrys with FBT plates, there can't be that many, and then look for one that looks like 882.

    Did the guy lodge a complaint ?

    Hope he recovers, I really respect guys on pushies, they get even less respect on the roads than we do, and have even less protection.

  20. Yes, I am quite confident about the letters, but not so much the numbers
    I don't think so, he was pretty shook up, and the first question the cop asked was whether or not he was wearing a helmet (which he wasn't).

    They sent me on my way once I had given my version of events, so I don't really know what was discussed after that.

    But I think I will take half an hour out of my day on Monday and see if I can spot the car again.