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I wish I wasn't such a wuss and rode the bike today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamstevesname, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. The monash was insane today, took me 2 hours to get to work. I am soooooo late! It was me giving way to yous on the bikes!!

  2. yep should of ridden.... all those ppor suckers trapped in there coffins.... mauha hahahaha...

    in saying that had 2 cagers try and put me in a coffin this morning :evil:
  3. Sucked in, 1 hour and 10 minutes from mt martha to CBD. Would have taken 2 1/2 easy in a car, but I would have been dry at least. :(
  4. I take it its raining down there. Good send it up here will you
  5. Im only in Seddon and work in the city so only takes me about 10mins to work on the bike !
    But stil always ride in, whether its raining or not !

    I figure that im going to get caught in the rain at one time or another so best to have more experience riding in it........
  6. Yes, rainy day practice sessions are important and when it pisses down like today it's worth your while to use the opportunity. :)
  7. haha :grin: I am soaked anyway cause I have to walk ten mintues from where I park to work and it was raining :(

    I need to get some dry rider gear me thinks.
  8. :LOL: don't really have to worry about traffic down this way! You should all move to the seaside...that way you could do your riding without traffic lights/ tram tracks/ crazy high blood pressured city cagers etc etc....plus you got the surf, the sand and the sea. :)

    And it'd mean I'd have cool people down this way to ride with! :grin:

    As for RAIN.....I'm about to ride over to Leongatha for my bikes first service. It's been raining on and off all morning. Got my wet weather stuff on...am rugged up...about to go out and warm the bike up. Am a bit scared but what the hell....I have to learn sooner or later. :)

    Oh...and I forgot to buy RainX for the visor... :( Better stop off and get some. :)
  9. yeah I go to Loch Sport for my holidays and stay at mum and dads place. nice right on the lake etc. But bloody heck I would get bored in about 3 weeks if I had to live there, they love it but they are 70YO! :p

    Watch out for cow cakes on the twisties around there, one slip and you are gone :shock:
  10. Weekdays, Peak Hour, Rain and Monash M1... NO NO!!!!

    I took a train..
  11. RainX yeah got get some this weekend... and some gear... and start riding through this peak hour.
  12. Rain X may damage acrylic( your visor) over time due to it containing alcohol. A good silicone wax like Plexus or Mr Sheen (shhhhh, don't tell anyone we use it to clean PVC clear screens on boats, it's teh same as Plexus!), will work just as well, and help keep the plastic in excellent condition.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I didn't want to get wet this morning so I drove. It takes me 7 minutes on the bike to get to work and a whole 10 in the car. I figured If I got drenched and caught the sniffles my 4 day weekend of fun would be ruined.
  14. That's why i took the nepean hwy option this morning. A bit hairy but still fun :grin: :grin: :grin:

  15. Where abouts in LS Matti? My parent sold their house on the lake (Toorak Ave) in January. They had it for 30 years.

    I'd be bored after a week and a bit :LOL:
  16. hah my parents are in Seagull Drive, howdy neighbour! :shock:

    My grandpa bought it in the late 1960's and we have been holidaying ever since. When he died a few years ago my parents demolished the old shack and built a huge big barn, they live down there now and we spend most holidays down there.

    My grandparents were Bill & Grace West, known by most people.
  17. Mr SHEEN is going on the shopping list!
  18. Feeling pleased as punch. :grin: Just got back...bike has had its first service and I have done my first ride in rain. I got slack and didn't bother getting the RainX...opted to wipe the visor with my glove every now and then. Did the job enough. I'll check to make sure the RainX stuff is safe for my visor before buying it though. :)

    Bought heaps of cool stuff at the dealership while I was waiting - I'm leaving my purse behind next service!

    Learnt that my jacket is patheticly unwaterproof (contrary to what the label said)....so I was pretty happy when I saw a sexy black Ixon jacket in the shop for $200. Says Nirvana on the sleeves - which pretty much sums up what state I was in on my ride home.

    Stopped at Macca's for a coffee and had a chat with a friendly old Ulysses (sp?) bloke who had lots of stories to tell....and who was pretty pleased to see that I was out riding in the rain. :)

    Actually, I was a bit disappointed when it died off on my way home... :LOL:
  19. yeah once you have consigned yourself to getting wet, all is good.

    Well done V7 :biker:
  20. Howdy back neighbour! :grin: Our place was called Faulty Towers, the green one on the right three doors up from Seagull Ave. Underneath built in and decking out on top first storey overlooking lake.

    Will check with the old's and see if they knew each other.