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I wish home delivery

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by boo, May 3, 2007.

  1. It's cold, wet I want a glass of wine!
    .... and maybe some chocolate, a dvd would be nice.
    If you could have anything home delivered what would it be?

  2. Everything is available for a price, what are you willing to pay for these items?
    My time is $50/hr plus expenses, minimum 3hrs. :grin:

    Oh, and I would have money delivered, those damn teller machines are never around when I need cash for something.
  3. When we were in Tassie, we got pizza delivered + beer. I mean, they delivered beer!
  4. A white tiger? :LOL:

    A knight in shining armour? ;)

    Right now? Food, cuz I can't be assed getting up and making my own!

    A hungry jacks cheese whopper with no pickle and onion would go down good right about now...

    Me thinks that might end up being lunch tomorrow instead :p
  5. Wine...got lotsa bottles of nice red wine.....chocolate....don’t eat much but still have a few eggs left....DVD mmmm I got a BIG collection of DVD’s.....what I would like though...is delivery of some back pain!!!!!!!

    EDIT: ops ive already got the pain...i was after something to remove it :oops:
  6. :sick: don't do it! :sick:
  7. lol huh are you kidding
    I already get everything home deliverd :LOL:
  8. make that one for me too.....oh, and he has to be available.......no 'attached' user-types.....
  9. Jessica Alba and a drum of lubricant.

    See you in about three months, if we survive.
  10. Dead before dawn
  11. This reminds me, I was walking back to the place I was staying somewhere in Madison, Wisconsin once. I had no idea where the house was, I was pissed out of my head and the taxis didn't take credit cards.

    Pizza shop did, so I walked in there and got them to deliver me AND the pizza right to the door. Totally against their policy but I worked the ol' Aussie charm on the chick who was driving. Nearly rooted her the next night. Ah, travel.
  12. Chocolate, I have :grin: Wine, I don't :( but I was thinking of getting some. :)

    I could bring it round, but I'd then be forced to help you drink it.

    Maybe on a not school night. My bed's a lot closer to get to work in the morning than your couch and I need every minute of sleep I can get in the mornings. :)
  13. Yea....and we don’t want to cut it into your sleep...think of them poor kids....
  14. If they have to deal with a grumpy Seany, it'll be a direct result of their appalling behaviour today and thus they've brought it on themselves. :)
  15. Don’t tell me they beat you up AGAIN
  16. Cabbages.... lots and lots of cabbages.
  17. LOL...whyyyyy...it's yummmmyy ;)

    Yes, available helps...doesn't necessarily mean you get anywhere though :p
  18. Just a few pinches and kick, that's all noogy. :) It's the noise the trolls makes that get's too me. :shock:

    Get any stuff yet boo? :)

    If I could have anything home delivered I'd be asking for more than just booze and chocolate though. :wink:

    I used to be a pizza boy. Stopping by the bottle shop for beer and Safeway for smokes was a regular thing. :)
  19. tell me bout it :cry:
  20. Well having the post and newspaper would be a good start! Boolarra (pop. est. 500) must be the biggest town in the state where a delivery service for neither exists.

    Other than that, perhaps a very, very large sum of money. So that we could fund a newspaper and post delivery service *l*