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i will have a black baby soon ~

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by scootergal76, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Just went to test ride the Zeal with my friend (actually my friend test ride it for me :p).

    Paid Deposit, just wait for the owner go to organize a RWC, if everything go smooth..... I will have a BLACK BABY :biker: beginning next week.

    Ohhh...... :-k need help to pick it up!! :p still not dare to ride on road & hwy straight away after I have it. Especially with a 200-300m dirt road before I can get on seal road.

  2. Hi Vivian.
    Black is good.
    Does this mean that you will change your name from Scooter to Biker Gal 76? :)
  3. Goodonya... zeals are noice moight! 8) I was tossing up between a Zeal and the Across, came down to price.

    And black is THE colour for bikes :wink:

    Are you keeping the slightly bent scooter?

  4. I know someone who's gonna be upset she didnt get to buy that Zeal; but big congratulations to you Viv! Now you've got no excuse for not keeping up with me through all those twisties.

    'But i can't engine brake!'
    Pfft.. no excuses now. ;)
  5. Not too sure yet, depends on I will still have a scooter or not.
  6. Not too sure yet, still waitting for the quote, but if it's a write off then NO More scooter, maybe I still want to get one later, but save a bit more money to get another one, which I really want to own it - Aprilia Mojito 125/150cc - same model as chef Jamie Olive rode.

    Yes I like black too,
  7. hee hee :p still an excuss .... Let me used to the bike, do all the gears smoothly even up and down hill, then I can go to Black Spur with all of you. :p

    Ohhh... yeah ... need to trim the seat down 1 st! :p
  8. congratulations
  9. congrats on the bike Vivian!
  10. Congrats Vivian!!!

    Exciting stuff.

    :D :D
  11. Thanks everyone!
  12. congratulations
  13. Well done Vivian, soon you will be running rings around all the rest of them. Have you been able to pick it up yet.
  14. Congrats Vivian now you'll have something to grip with your knees. btw get your insurance arranged b4 you pick it up. If you think you can replace your bike if written off then don't go comp but unless you can replace everything your bike may hit at least get extended 3rd party! Do you know how long you'd have to work to replace a Rolls Royce?
  15. Ohh sure, for a bike, I will get insurance, I was thinking get a 3 rd parties for my scooter, but just got crashed before I got it.

  16. Hi Scumbag, are you go to help me to pick it up? Thank you for your offer!

    I met a nice good seller, he got the RWC today, everything fine and I told him need to get someone to pick it up for me, he said he can ride it down for me and his gf will pick him up afterward.

  17. FWIW - AAMI 3rd Party Property has a $3k extension for uninsured at-fault other party - they're paying me out full purchase price, towing and helmet on my CBX250 after I was run up the arse a couple of months ago. Pretty good for an $88 premium.
  18. If you do need a hand and it is the weekend I have bike trailer and car so could help you if you need. I do not have much on this weekend.................................................................yet

    :D :D :D :D :D