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I went to Mogo.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Me and a bunch of mates went (in cages unfortunately) and stayed in a holiday house in Batemans Bay for the long weekend. On Sunday we decided to take a trip out to historic Mogo, home of JoelridesCBR.

    What a beautiful little town!!!!! We got some awesome boiled lollies from the "Mogo Olde Timey Sweet Shop", I picked up a 1:6 scale Arlen Ness chopper model from the hobby shop there, and the GF picked up this 15" Grim Reaper figurine from the curio shop (can't remember the name of the shop). We also had pies and sausage rolls from the bakery there.

    By far the best bit was Mogo Zoo. Just a little place, but run by some of the nicest people, and with some of the cutest animals I've had the pleasure to meet. The White Lions are gorgeous, the Oriental Otters were incredible, Sumatran and Bengal tigers looking majestic, Jaguars, Leopards and Cervals, Syrian Brown Bears, Red Pandas.... I ended up taking over 230 photos in the space of an hour and a half...

    Mogo truly is gods country. Joel, look after your town, I want it to be just as nice when I come back for another visit (on the bike). I'll be sure to look you up next time...

    Mogo fooken rocks.

  2. It did seem like a nice place to visit and was in full swing on the Monday when we went through it again.

    Doing the Mad Mile on the bike (between Batemans Bay and Mogo) was verreh nice :).
  3. Oh, that's what I forgot to mention. The roads down that way are just beautiful. Joel, you wanna come up and work your magic on the Pacific Highway up here??? Lord knows it needs some attention (especially after last weekend).
  4. Mogo yep a lovely spot been there a couple of times, pity about the whole cousins marrying thing though` :p :p
  5. Joel turned out allright though! :p.
  6. Hay, Mogo's not a bad place to fall in love with ya sister.

    I grew up in the Bay, so I know all the Mogo folk... and it's fairly true that the tree huggin hippies out there share the love amongst themselves. :LOL:
  7. As you can tell from my Avator, I loooooves Mogo. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Yep - loooove the Mogo Zoo :)

    Growing up in good old Camboring (oops i meant Canberra), its standard to live in Canberra and have a holiay house in Batemans Bay...

    Almost every school holidays we would go there and ocassionally pop in to Mogo :p
    Beautiful little place...
  9. you came to mogo, i went to eden!
    yep, love my little town, and it is true...there are some awful close relationships on the other side of the highway :LOL:

    im opposite the servo, hidden in a battleaxe so nobody can find me ;)
    glad you liked it :grin: