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I Went To Buy Gloves But Found My First Big Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Pjcliffo, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Couldn't resist this street triple it had all the extras I wanted and looked fantastic. 2011 with 4000km. The colour is Steve McQueen green from the triumph bonneville commemorative model from the movie the great escape. image. image.

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  2. that's like gun metal green or something.

    real nice, love it
  3. Very nice mate. Northener has one I believe and rides very sedately on it!


    Like those bikes, lots and lots. Great choice of color too.

  4. well played sir..
  5. Congrats......I've not seen one with that trim/colour before.....looks good :D
  6. that's just mean 'n green. Green is good:D
    have a s@#$%^&*d of fun on it.
  7. I didn't even know they made one in that colour, very nice!
  8. That looks very schmick! Love the lowboy arrow exhaust
  9. Love the lowboy exhaust. That fender eleminator looks great - know who made it?
  10. Sorry not sure, but love the look.
  11. :whistle:

    But yes, great bike Pjcliffo - you will love it. Again, didn't realise they did this colour. Is it an aftermarket paint job or straight out of the factory? Judging by the 'Special Edition' on the tail I guess the latter?
  12. Custom paint job. First owner wanted bonneville Steve McQueen edition, could not get one so created this in same colour using local professionals. I couldn't resist it, only on sale floor one day, just walked in to buy gloves.
  13. Hate that, go to buy some gloves, come out with a bike and.....


    Still forgot the farken gloves! Geeze!
  14. Jolly good show
    Farkin awesome, I reckon my pair of gloves would have turned into a street triple too. If I had of seen that bike
  15. Love the colour mate!! If it was me if paint the rearsets and calipers Matt black, put on a slash cut pipe and heat wrap the exhaust
  16. Very nice looking bike. Congratulations.
  17. Wow, looks awesome! Didnt even know that colour existed! Nice find!
  18. Very cool.......love the colour.