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I went paint shopping today (advice please)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by robbied, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Went down to the paint store and bought some paint and stuff to respray my bike.
    The guy down there said just to sand back the clear on the factory paintjob and paint over it with acrylic.
    So I got:

    - Acrylic Top Coat Lacquer (Satin Black)
    - Multipurpose Thinner
    - Flexi Add (for the acrylic lacquer)
    - Prepwash Wax and Grease Remover
    - 600, 800 and 1200 grit wet n dry
    - Tack Rags

    Did I miss anything?
    Did I make any mistakes (yet)?

    Any help would be appreciated!



  2. gday rob two things come to mind mate, one is satin black ?? is that just the name of the colour or were you after a semi gloss finish. secondly why flex add , Flex add is only used when painting flexible parts as in plastic bumper bars etc on cars , or really flexible plastic parts . Acryilc laquer is already fairly flexible in that it is thermo plastic IE: it softens with heat . How do i know this , im a spray painter :) anyway if you need any advice yell out mate and good luck .
  3. Thanks for the tip! It is the name of the colour.

    I do need some advice:

    My fairings were plastic welded and the guy put primer over all the bits he fixed and smoothed it out a bit, so the fairings are maybe 50% original paint and 50% primered.

    I have taken the stickers off, now I am going to use the wax & grease remover to remove the stickiness.

    What are the next steps? What sandpaper do I use to take off the clear and make the panels nice and smooth (blend the primered parts in with the original factory painted parts)?
  4. Next step , after all glue etc is removed is to rub all panels etc to be painted down with 800 wet and dry paper making sure not to leave any shiny bits.You dont have to rub all the clear etc off , all you need to do is take the gloss off. Just a hint if there are areas that are hard to get to etc go to your paint supplier and get your self some red scotchbright and rub these areas with that . Once you have rubbed and prepared evey thing wipe over with grease and wax remover making sure to wipe off with clean rag before it dries!. Then just before your ready to paint wipe over well with tack rag to remove any dust etc and away you go .

  5. Thanks so much Bluestorm!

    After the 800 grit should I go higher or just paint?
    Do I need to sand inbetween coats if so which grit paper do i use?

  6. No Rob after 800 your ready to paint , you can if you wish rub it back after 2 or three coats with 1200 then put about 3 more coats on although this is really not neccesary .
  7. Cool thanks so much I am in the process of preparing the panels as we speak,

    I will post pics when I finish so you can all see how I went!


  8. no worries mate good luck with it
  9. All this talk about paint..................

    Whats a bizzare colour to paint a once yellow firestorm......
  10. just curious
    but aren't a lot of bikes done in enamel..not acrylic

    and enamel is a biatch to give over with acrylic..isn't it?
  11. Not at all mate as long as preperation is good easy as !!
  12. I dunno everyone said to just remove the clear coat and the acrylic will stick so thats what im doinnnnnn.
  13. Vic Vic Vic Blue mate blue :) ya know ya want it !!!
  14. Nup, cant do Blue, sorry.

    I'm thinking flat black
  15. Ahhhhhhhh so ya wanna ride a blackboard huh ?? lol :p , still not hard to do mate litre of 2k black about 200ml of matting agent and way ya go hey presto long lasting hard as nails matte black
  16. Hot pink, or some other fluorescent colour :LOL: ... but then again, that's a bizzare colour to paint any bike :?
  17. Update:

    So I went and bought a new gravity fed gun which works great.

    I first did a panel which is unseen so if i messed it up it wouldnt matter too much. I did mess it up a bit because i didnt mix the paint properly and it came out too thick which resulted in specks all over. I may sand it back with fine paper and put another coat or two.

    For the seat cowl I learnt my lesson and the improvment was awesome. The paint went on shiny and smooth and im really happy with it.

    Looks like it will all be done in the next few days!


  18. well done Rob general rule of thumb with acrylic is about 40% paint to 60 % thinners mate sorry prob should have told you , but hey full marks for having a go mate its not rocket science hey !!!
  19. Okay so i sprayed about half the parts. I just removed the clear with 800 grit and sprayed black acrylic lacquer topcoat on. I did 3 coats.

    There are a couple runs and some orange peel on some sections.
    How do I remove these imperfections and make it nice and smooth?


  20. paint it in 2k!