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I went for a ride this weekend..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CodeBlueChick, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. and didn't fall off! :)

    Just a positive post that I went for a ride.. and didn't fall off to counter act the bad juju of the people who have unfortunantly parted with their bikes during a ride this weekend :(

    Went up for the wussiest of rides to Mt Dandenong, did Mt Hwy, veared off on some road after Sassafras gravel on it..the bike decided to have a moment there..but I said "oh noooo you don't" and kept on going. The tootled over towards Monbulk.. had a latte (yush I ride a Ducati..it must be done! :wink: :) ) then came home via Kallista, Ferntree Gully ...and Beach road :grin: Note to self, Beach is only good on week days!

    Now that I've remembered HOW to ride again.. I need to buid up some stamina.
    Everyone else stay safe please! :)
  2. Sounds great and would have been cool.

    I went Traralgon to Walhalla. The fire devestation needs to be seen to be understood. Difficult to describe.

    After lunch at Walhalla to Erica. Still fires burning. 2 helos and lots of trucks etc still there.

    Further down the fires had crossed the road and what a mess. I went in to where it started (I know the place well) there were some animals savers there. They had a koala with blided eyes and they had rinsed its eyes and were feeding it.

    On the way back down to Moe the fires had totally devestated the areas. For those that know the area there is a long straight with several humps. Both sides are just black sticks.

    Then I went through the Haunted Hills. The fires there had got to the cemetery as well. Bad.

    Then on to home. Had a good ride with only one close one on the road into Walhalla where the roadies have left crushed rock all over a 35k corner. No warnings at all. HMMMMMM

    Got home, snacked, beered up and snoozed for 2 hours. Good day.
  3. w00t more riders staying upright :grin:

    I also went for a nice ride up mountian hwy to sassafras and around to belgrave and ferntree gully then up to warrandyte and back home, was cornering really good today too and i really got into it for the first time in a long time (Good to have a break from plain old commuting everyday).

    I saw that big patch of gravel in the middle of the road just outside sassafras too but managed to avoid it.
  4. Well I thought I missed it till the end wibbled around.. nice weather.. lots of bikes out..be darned if I can get a cruiser rider to nod to me! Was lots of squidly people out and about as well! :? :)
  5. CBC.. been heaps of riders out that way the last couple days - i have been out there touring round with a couple of mates.. i didnt fall off either just so you know :D:D sorry to hear about everyone's offs though.. maybe someone has put that curse on netrider that was put on the collingwood football vlub a few years back ??

    and i agree with you about cruiser riders.. whats that all about? snobbish little buggers arent they.
  6. Suprised about that bc today wasent a particularly hot day :eek:
  7. I went for a ride and didn't fall off either. :)
  8. I can happily say I didn't fall off today. Even had Egiste on the back and he didn't fall off either. :grin:
    He did admit to being concerned a few times when I was a tad more liberal with the throttle than I'd intended to be. :LOL: :grin:
  9. I didn't come off today either.. :cool:

    Home -> Packenham -> C0ckatoo -> Woori Yallock -> Warbi -> Reefton -> Marysville -> Black Spur -> Healesville -> Woori -> Paky -> Home. ~390k's..

  10. Another who didn't come off - touch wood. Very sorry to read of all the others who did and my thoughts are with them.

    Sadly while the rest of you it seems came up to my neighbourhood to nip here and there , I had to head to the southern suburbs and traffic. Dont know how you all do it everyday . Nepean hwy was okay I suppose, though so much traffic and traffic lights .... ewwwww. I dont think you can ride that road and not split and feather. I was actually starting to enjoy it so its good I dont live down there.

    Hope everyone who did have misfortune gets to better times quickly.
  11. CBC very good to hear - the world needs to hear more Dukes in action! Latte's must of course be drunk and even thrown at less discerning people! I didn't get to ride this weekend. He on shift, me v busy with second sometimes job and an impending deadline on that. Closest I got to a bike was a quick walk with the puppy and a chat to a guy with a 999S who had stopped for a latte, believe it or not at a cafe on Beach Road. Am sad - need to go for a ride!!
  12. I went for a ride on both Sat and Sun. I had a great time...and did not fall off....my NEW BIKE!!
    I rode to Inverloch-Wonthaggi on Sat for it's first 320km trip!
    Sunday, I went out with Mr and Mrs Scumbag, VTRElmarco, BANGR,G,Carrie27 and Jafu. We did a loop thru Sassafras, Monbulk, Seville, Yellingbo, Cockatoo, Gembrook, Launching Place, Healesville, Yarra Glen, Kangaroo Ground, Warrandyte..etc ( I think that's all :oops:) Another 300km trip.
    I bought a VTR-SP2...it's lovely! :grin:
  13. Great riding on the weekend (except for a little part of it ) The new bike looks and sounds great , You Sporty Girl you on that nice SP2 .
  14. It will sound better, once it has the new pipes fitted! I can't wait!
    A big twin should sound like one!! :grin:
  15. Good stuff Jaz. What an awesome choice of bike. Any chance of you showing up this Friday at coffee?
  16. WHAT WHAT WHAT??? I thought you were not getting it!!!

    Details... where, and most importantly... the colour???? and which pipes???

    Bandit you are Miss FR!!!!
  17. Hey so it was you guys we passed by the roundabout!! I thought I recognised the buell, the ducatis and then your distinctive jacket but you were riding the VTR-SP2 so I had my doubts. Should've listened to my instincts :grin:
  18. I decided to go for it. :grin:

    Picked it up Sat morning :grin: Only black, silver,red ones left.
    It's very shiny! The pipes are ordered, but I decided to run it in and put the pipes on at it's first service. :)

    Thanks Yoda...Happy I am....showing off new bike I will be...see you Wed :grin:
  19. :grin: :grin:

    Yes, that was us at the roundabout...I recognised you amongst the group!!
    My jacket is very distinctive...means I can't get away with anything!! :LOL: :LOL:
    Go the instincts! See you soon.. :grin:
  20. Can you pick me up to be biatch for fri night , I may need a ride , the only way I will get close to the new black baby , short of steeling it. :LOL: