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I went down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ominus, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Hello Guys,
    I'm new here and i wanted to share my story :nopity:

    I low sided my raven R1 a week ago at slow speed in the rain and did the slide thing,Shit happens right?
    Thank god for all the gear.
    I Walked away with sore ribs and no bones broken. The motorcycle Gods let me off easy
    The Bike runs great but has just some cosmetic damage.

    Just want to say Thank you to the nice and so kind driver :driver: who stopped traffic on hume hwy and the motorcyclist :angel: both stopped to assist me.

    Stay safe out there!!!
  2. That blows mate, no one wants to hear a fellow rider coming unstuck. Dare I ask if you have comprehensive insurance? If not, no matter. Scratches equal character!
  3. Did you at least have a mint for afterwards :p

    Good to hear that you got away pretty much unscaved.

    Care to give more details on the slide? [/quote]
  4. bad luck buddy :(

    I agree with Geeth, give us some more info on the drop if you can.
    This way others can learn from your mistakes.
  5. Just finished work at 7 am ,it was pouring I’m taking easy (doing 30-40 kms) and as i’m about to turn to my street and while leaning to make the turn, I lost control of my back wheel and KABOOOM! I hurt my pride!!!
    All happened really fast...
    The guy who helped me said there was oil on the road :furious:

    I’ve been riding now for over 7 years , I always ride, no matter rain or shine.
    I went down for the 1st time,I guess everybody goes down at some point
  6. Yes I have comprehensive Insurance with ebike and made a claim straight after the accident, let's see how this goes?
  7. let us know hwo the claim goes. No-one gets enough feedback on all the insurance companies out there
  8. Happened to me too exactly except i was going round a round about. 5yrs riding first time its happened to me. I think cold tires and maybe something on the road. My poor gsxr 750 hit the deck hard, possible write off dunno.

    Glad your well.
  9. Sorry to read of your down but glad that you're all ok. As most here say, any "off" that you walk away from physically intact, is a good one. Take care out there.
  10. So far I’m very impressed,they even gave me a choice of repairer which is great.
    Claim lodged on Monday morning, Wednesday the assessor came to my house to have a look at the bike.
    Now I’m waiting for the go ahead from ebike, every time i rang them they say it’s up to claims and it’s hard to get through, i left 3 messages to call me back and sent them an email and still no answer.
    I'll keep you posted...
  11. I feel your pain mate ,don't worry bikes are replaceable
    Glad your ok and lived to tell the tale
  12. decent effort mate, it too me 7 before i went down too... 7 days :LOL:
  13. Good News Boys & Girls
    I spoke with ebike today and my claim has been approved :beer:
    They going to cover my apparel too....Thank you ebike \:D/
  14. +1 ebike.
    What a nice result, good to hear.
  15. Sorry to hear mate.
    Good to hear you were not hurt & Good news about ebike
  16. They named a bike after me!!?..bewdie! :grin:

    Sorry to hear of your off though...like you said...you got away without injury except for the bike, so that's at least one good thing out of it.

  17. Why would they not pay the claim if you are paying excess?

    I'm sorry but how can they refuse honestly?

    Good to hear ebike are doing this - I suppose... but you are still paying excess. I could kick the shit out of my bike and claim it as long as I paid excess and took the dent to my rating?