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I washed my Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Darwin, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Those that have ridden a few times with me will eventually comment on how dirty my bike is. Or when am i going to wash it etc.
    I usually reply with some feeble comment like "I bought it to ride, not spend the weekend scrubbing it", or "feel free".

    I missed the Putty run today, so I spent the day on my knees washing and polishing.

    Anyway this is for those who have influenced me.

  2. Very nice and well worth the sweat.
    What products of choice for a result like that?
  3. Darwin, I am also into riding not spending weekends cleaning.

    However, I had these done locally but usually use my mate Dave at Penrith Metal Polishing.

    My 1400GTR, same wheels I believe, would look great on the black 14

  4. you missed a spot.
  5. You missed a spot. Go back & start again. :LOL:
  6. now come do mine :grin:
  7. mmm that Muzzy exhaust sounds good, clean or dirty
  8. Darwin, secondaries removed ? power commander 3 ?
    Mines a muzzy also and those extra bits made a huge difference so if should for your ninja 14
  9. Damn man that's a sweet looking 14! Lovin it with the shine on it too.
  10. Nearly as clean as mine mate.. :p :LOL:
  11. Thats so pretty and shiny...
  12. G'day everyone,.....

    Now you see it clean,....you might like it that way,....
    Now all you got to do is keep it that way!

    Dr Who?
  13. Turtlewax car wash with wax
    Turtlewax Ice
    Leather conditioner
  14. Yes, secondaries removed, DNA filter, PC3 USB and custom map. Goes alright now.

    Love those polished wheels, but if I got mine done I would then have to wash the bike more often.
  15. The black looks so awesome when its clean.. Damn colour get so dirty easily though.. I was thinking of nickel plating my rims, but now i see yours davo, i might have to go that way i reckon.. :grin:
  16. Well I always wondered if it was black, now I know for sure. :p

    Looks sweet!
  17. I had the 1000GTR wheels polished also and it really makes them easier to keep clean. Maybe polish couple times a year no big deal. Some other pics here
  18. Thanks for the pics mate.. They look good.. I keep my bike spotless, after every ride it gets fully detailed. The rims i use window cleaner to keep them clean. I like the look of the polished rim, i actually have polished rims on my ZX9 ..