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I was stung by a wasp at 80ish km/h...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by JuzJulz, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Have you ever been stung by a WASP... whilst RIDING??? I was on my way home from work in an 80 zone last Wed night when I saw the bloody bugga coming right for me :shock: As I flicked it off with my throttle hand, the bastard must've gotten through my pants and stung me before hand :eek: I thought it was still on me when I got my hand back on the throttle but couldn't see anything with a quick glance.

    I've never been stung by a wasp before... The pain was so intense I knew it had to be more than a just a bee, it nearly made me cry :cry: on a number of occasions as the pain kept coming to me in waves. But I'm proud to admit \:D/ that I didn't end up stopping for a cry but made it the whole way home (30mins to go mind you)! If only there was a microphone in my helmet, the sounds that I made to work through the pain would be hilarious :LOL:

    I've only been riding for a matter of weeks (just before Chrissy) so it came came as quite a shock for me :shock: I've heard stories of bugs getting caught in helmets but going through my pants??? :? What the???

    So has anyone been in a similar situation???

    It's funny to me now :p but at the time it was a different story:facepalm: Anyways, I'm proud to admit :biker: that the incident didn't stop me riding to work the next day! Tender, swollen and poisoned I rode on :wink: She'll be right :cool: I told myself :grin: I even rode into town with a few of the guys for our weekly coffee night at Scoozi! Thanks a whole bunch... you know who you are :wink:

    Today at least the swelling has gone down after a big weekend of partying my leg off :LOL: But it has left a big :evil: nasty looking mark on my leg about an inch in diameter with a nice little white mark in the middle where it got me :twisted: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I hope the little bastard got run over by the next car that came along.

    What did I ever do to it? I think I did what anyone would do and got to the comfort of my home with my 2 puppies :wink: who only added to the pain :oops:!!!

    I sure wouldn't wish this on anyone especially those who are jumpy as they may have jumped right off their bike :grin:
  2. If you ride fast enough, they just splatter before they can sting you :p
  3. yeah a bees got me on the neck once - not pleasant at all
    the other day going through koorumburra i swear something was biting me on the back of my neck. I had to stop and take off jacket and shirt just to be sure.
  4. Leather has more advantages than just for falling off.:grin:
    No wasps..only bees on this boy.
    Marls and I agree..good to meet you (and the other NRs).
    Enjoy your ride.
  5. Stung by a bee...

    Ouch!!! So is this a common occurance, coz it never really came to my attention when considering riding. But it won't stop me... I've got the bug for riding now... pardon the pun :grin:
  6. hey Julz!!

    Tony rode through a swarm of bees once & was stung - it happened on his way home from work.

    MOST of the bees died on his helmet & bike, but once little bastard got though his work pants (Heavy Holden's pants, very thick) and stung him in the leg. He soldiered on & made it home, but boy he wasn't happy!!

    so yeah, they can sting though clothes, the only thing I can suggest is if you see a swarm, duck your head.
    not much you can do about a solitary wasp though....

    ps - tony was also hit in the chest by a swallow at 80kph once...that really hurt!
  7. bugs and stuff

    Good to meet you too! I'm sure i'll see you again :)
  8. edgelett

    Wow that's bad luck for Tony. I must be following in his footsteps. So will you guys be at coffee night this week? When can we go for a ride. I'm on my mate's 250 Kawasaki (dirt bike). It's fun and teaching me how to ride.

    Can't wait to get my legs around a road bike though :grin:
  9. Dont let it bug you Julz,you'll bee right :LOL:
  10. I got stung by a wasp on Thursday while wakeboarding. I've still got a big welt on my leg from it! They are so much more intense than a bee sting.

    I've had bugs and crap fly into my helmet whilst riding. Even had a bug crawl into my ear before i managed to stop and get my helmet off. Still don't know if the little bastard got out.
  11. He made you type that.
  12. Wasp stings

    Jesus so if one gets into my helmet I think i might just stop straight away incase it finds it's way into my ear and eats the small part of my brain I do actually use :LOL:
  13. Can't say I've ever been bitten while riding. Did ride though a bee swarm once though. Some of them got caught in the still air behind my windscreen and rode/flew along with me for a while. No stings though.

    I did get a wasp down the back of my shirt once. It just continued stinging its way down my back until it fell out the bottom - throughly squished from me hitting it. Damn that sucked :cry:
  14. Had a few things like that, from birds to bugs, the latest one was me and couple people were riding around down near the gong, near some beach and something got inside my shirt, i came to a screaming holt, jumped off the bike and started throwing off all my gear off trying to get whatever it was out of my shirt, Don't know what it was but was slightly itchy for awhile.
    Everyone had no idea what to think when i started dancing around.
  15. Full-face helmets with the visor shut are good things... or at least a pair of sunnies if you have the visor open: that sting on or near the eye while riding doesn't bear thinking about.
  16. That could be the reason why my memories of new years eve are a little fuzzy.......
  17. bugeater

    :p jeepers creepers... I think some farings would've helped with my situation.

    Yeah I think once I get off my L's i'll be cruising at a more comfortable rate, well at least the speed the other cars are going. :shock: I mean I'm only allowed to go 80 at the moment but I go in 100 zone's to work which is bloody dangerous if you ask me! I don't always stick to my limited speed limit though :oops: :grin:
  18. I can relate...when Stookie and I went to Adelaide we were travelling a bit :wink: above the legal limit when i copped one between my neck warmer and top of my jacket...little bastard stung me twice on the throat before I got him...stopped about 5 mins later and pulled off the neck warmer the now squashed wasp fell out and stookie found the stinger stuck on the inside of my neckwarmer...thank god I'm not allergic...copping 2 in the throat could have been pretty drastic
  19. I got stung by a wasp through my jeans on my leg years ago whilst pillioning, I barely even saw what it was (although definitely too big for a bee) and was in serious WTF! mode so i got my bf at the time to pull over, luckily we were near HJs so i could use the ladies to inspect the sting a little more throughly.

    Although something that still always takes me by surprise is when i get hit in the face by a bug whilst riding with the visor up. To many years of being on the back while the person in front cops all the bugs and me just sitting comfortably with the visor up most of the time.
  20. I got stung in the stomach area (Yes Tonye, it is rather a large area :wink: , and to be specific just above the button area.)
    It got in via the neck on my jacket which was only slightly open. It stung me about an hour or so later. About 3 stings. This was a year or 2 ago and there is still a large welt where the biggest bite was.

    At the last MRA poker ride I got one in the helmet when the visor was up and it stung me twice on the bottom lip.

    If you are like me and alergic to the buggers, carry a couple of anti-histamine pills in the jacket. Saved me a lot of grief.