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I was pulled over....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. I am still thinking if this is routine or not. On Friday nite i was on bouke rd heading north near barkers rd. I have just turned left ont o bouke and the got stuck behind a car at the next lights iwas just about to jump in between cars and go to the front i checked the mirror and found a cop car rite next to me(on my 5o'clock). so i said ok ill jus sit still then. when the traffic started moving so i just move off as usual. next thing i know was when i start to move off the cop car turned on his lights and pulled up next to me and pointed for me to pull over. He asked for my license and did a breath test and took my details and just let me go. So im kinda thing if this is routine or not as this is the second time in 2 months I got breath tested(eversince riding for 2 months). I never said I did anything wrong when he pulled me over.

  2. Yup, you're "different", you are on a bike with a helmet on. When I've been pulled over the officer told me he(police in general) like to see if you are the genuine owner of the bike as it's easy to wear a helmet, especially under age and be out on the road, licenced or not.
  3. Never been pulled over on the bike, but have been breath tested more times than I can remember whilst driving the car.
  4. Dont sweat it. They may have picked up on your hesitation and decided to have a closer look when the traffic cleared and you could get to a safe spot. If you're out and about on a Fri or Sat night you have a good chance of being pulled over.
  5. Dont worry about it,

    Its actually pretty good that they do that (annoying as hell but....) im glad they are willing to check that the right rider is on the right bike and they are doing the right thing.

    Obviously if no official warning or anything was issued then you totally have no dramas, the cops have to make any such thing clear to you.
  6. I find every time i've been pulled up for a RBT on the bike where they have the road blocks setup I'm always asked for my licence. Never in the car though.
  7. To be on the safe side next time, gut them. Bury the bodies and roll their car into a lake. Works for me.
  8. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Hahahaha i will remember that one lol
  9. It's not too bad I did 1,000k on a unreg permit and got pulled up once. on the bike

    I use to get pulled up at least twice a month when I was out late driving my car around, just a RBT and license check each time. but I expected it :p

    Also, can anyone confirm, if you have no front bumper bar on your car, it is technically unroadworthy, right? alot of people are telling me the car is still roadworthy...
  10. Unroadworthy, stuff like your rad support which protrudes is considered a hazard to pedestrians
  11. Does anything protude from where the bumper should be?
    Does it compromise air bag operation (if fitted)?
    Are indicaters affected?
    Is the numberplate not fitted?

    No to the above and you'll be ok. You may still be pulled up as it raises questions over the rest of the car but it shouldnt be unroadworthy.

    In VIC anyway.
  12. I was pulled up within 15 minutes of picking up the bike, (And 2 hours off gettting my Ls)
    Have only been pulled up one other time, which was a training exersize for new recrutes (and she was cute so i didn't mind [​IMG])
  13. It looks like there's really nothing really to worry abt.... Jus routine...
  14. use this as a chance to study police habits...learn the system. find their weaknesses

    *evil laughter*

    don't ride through dark alleyways at 3am if you don't want to get pulled over, RBTed, rego'd, licence checked and frisked. i found this out the fun way
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Like they don't just throw that piece of paper they write your rego on away when they've finished. I went through a licence and registration check in an unregistered car last year and they didn't bat an eyelid, wrote the details down and sent me on my way, didn't check anything!

    Great job they're doin' there! :roll:
  16. cops can sometimes be such losers. i guess they dont have anything better to do so just get use to it.
  17. Hey mate, I think I saw you pulled over on he CBR. Was driving at the time towards whitehorse road, saw a guy with the cop car in front! Was the Friday nite!!:shock:

    By the way, many people think that cops have the power to stop and conduct random searchs. The answer to this is no.
    Only on one of a few conidtions can that demand that you identify yourself and detain you.
    First is if you commit an offence or they have reasonable suspicion of you committing and offence.
    Otherwise they have powers to stop you at official legislated spots (such as RBT).
    If you get pulled over, you can commence by asking which offence and reason for this.

    Next if you have the b*lls :grin: . You don't have to identify yourself if you have not committed or are not under-suspicion of an offence.

    They can threaten you, but they do not have the legislative power to actually detain you.

    You can look up the powers of the police by going to the aus law index (google it).

    They are trying to bring the right to do this in UK at the moment, but have not defeted the civil liberty groups yet. :!:

    They actually ask you for you ID, as a request. I could do it as joe citizen, and if you offer it, thats your right. But they do not have the power to stop, detain, search without just cause.

    Check it out!
  18. i'm always happy to help the police with their enquiries/waste tax money.
    seriously. i'm happy to answer all their dumb questions

    they run my record, and alarm bells start ringing and they get this excited look in their eyes. which soon turns to disappointment and a bitter warning to reinforce their authority "sorry we had to put you through half an hour of searching and questioning. there's er, been some break-ins around here. make sure you stick to the speed limit on the way home"

    i'm so straight-edge these days. clean conscience.
    hell, i even registered to vote last year. at the ripe age of 22.
  19. Yup, that sounds like me... I just turned on to bouke and got pulled over after that set of lights. It was friday nite and he parked infront of me.
  20. Under which act are these words of widom quoted? I dont think I'll be asking you to represent me. If they believe (or say they believe) you have done something wrong or about to you dont have a leg to stand on. Yes sir no sir 3 bags full sir. If they identify themselves an an "authorised officer" you must identify yourself or you will be detained. Search is a different matter. If they can see something that gets their attention they can search. They cant just "blind" search.
    BTW its not only police that have powers to question/detain.