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I was on TV last night!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. for less than half a second on channel 7 News. On SBS, ABC and Ch9 I was hidden by someone else. my wife has started calling me Mikey

  2. Heh. Yeah some telly crew caught me wandering down Collins st one day on me phone, and that became a bit of stock footage. I never saw it but I must have had about 20 SMS messages about it over the course of a year or so.
  3. As long is it wasn't A Current Affair when they run those frequent "fatty being discriminated" story. :wink:

  4. Now listen here motherf*cker!

    ...I'll sit on you!
  5. I was in a couple of episodes of A Country Practice when I was a tiny, little baby.
  6. I'm on the Eagles DVD - from their last concert in Melb. Few different close up shots during various songs. I was wearing piggy tails. lol :grin:

    And I've been on the local WIN news in which I was interviewed as a crew member during Enterprize's visit to Cowes.
  7. I'm in a Kevin Bloody Wilson DVD -- got my name in the credits too.
  8. Now THAT's a f*cken telly appearance. What were you credited for?
  9. I was on Humphrey when I was about 9 or 10. My sister and I had to walk into a library while he was walking out and wave to him all smiley like.

    Stoopid bear wouldn't talk to me though.

  10. :cool: I got into an episode of fat pizza, easy scene...order a chicken pizza and perve on bobo's hot GF :LOL:
  11. I met Loz once.
  12. With thanks to "Bruno Tuffinini" -- not my real name but what he always calls me ...
  13. Sounds like there's a story in this. Do tell!
  14. Not much to tell, really; he's been a mate since our Kalgoorlie days, 30 years ago this year in fact. He and Betty and his kids, and my wife and older daughter, spent a lot of time together. At one stage, he actually worked for me.

    Then a few years back he asked me to run his music company, Both Barrels Music, here in Perth, which I did for almost 7 years. Went to London to watch him perform at the Palladium ... saw him just the other night, in fact, it was Betty's 60th.

    Generous man; he'd give you the shirt off his back as long as you were genuine.

    And yes, he is as funny in real life as on the stage.

    And yes, he was off his face while recording "Amazing Grass". :twisted:
  15. Thats so damn cute! Ive only been on crime stoppers :shock: Just kidding.
  16. spot on mate, have a lot of family in the N.T., including the Butcher Brothers.