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I was invited, I rode, I signed up. Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by turnyabastard, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Classic Katana rider. That's rider, not collector! Its dirty, greasy, a lil surface rusty in spots, the odd fairing crack, a tank dint when I dropped it at the traffic lights, a shocking clutch and woeful brakes, ice skates for tires and suspension that lost its Mojo 20 years ago. But an air cooled 4 that sings like a banshee and does your bidding. Simply throttle off when the foot peg pushes your knee into your armpit. Simple... Old school fun.

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  2. gday turnyabastardturnyabastard welcome to NR - love the old Kats, got a few pics you can post up?
  3. Mine are both pop ups. Oddly enough, I see more original kats than pop ups. Ill post a pic when I work out how.
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  4. Welcome! You know, I hated the Katana when it first came out, it was SO different from 'normal' bikes. Now I can look back and see that every bike since it has been influenced by it!!
    Can't wait to see some pictures...
  5. your welcome.
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    So true.. The original German design was unique. Not everyone liked it, but you can still spot a Katana in a group of 1000 bikes... straight away! The '84 Japanese revised design with the pop up headlight is the design we are seeing in todays bikini fairing naked bikes.. 32 years on. But without the hunk of air cooled machinery cradled in a chassis. '84-86 Pop up headlight is a joke, but because the Yanks wouldn't allow it, its so much rarer than the original Katana.
  7. G'day and welcome, it was good to meet you today.
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  8. Ahhh Like wise... The KTM...we did the last section together.
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  9. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. I can't remember the last time I have seen a Katana on the road. Love it.
  10. Check out the Vic members Queen's Birthday Ride thread. You'll spot it in the pics amongst all those new fangled things... If you look hard. ha
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  11. Well I went back and had a hard look at the photos and this is what I found. The Queen in riding leathers in an excieted state. Then I found the Queen in the Kwaka greens. And looked again...........................I am sorry I can't see the Katana.
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  12. me too!

    those pop-ups, it was looking at something from outer space back then. they seemed so futuristic, sleek, fast, sexy - and Suzuki.
  13. Welcome mate, what Katana do you ride? My brother is finishing off the last touched on a 750. He's a rider too, he has a good collection of rotary bikes and all are to be ridden, he's not into show room bikes. :cool:
  14. welcome to the forum
  15. welcome aboard :)
  16. Welcome to NR...

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    Umm, how do I post a pic?
  18. Hey mate welcome......the old Katana was always they OMG bike as far as I remember, now thats more like the S1000RR. Both great bikes in their time.
  19. idiot
    wrong brand
    anyways welcome mate
    great to see you yesterday
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  20. hey tiga
    every one wants an ape
    the s1000rr is sooo last week
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