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I was groped!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, May 11, 2006.

  1. Riding down Bell street I stop at some lights and start to lane split up to the front.
    Then some P'plater in some beaten up red car moves over so I cant keep splitting. Im stuck right next to his passenger window.
    I shake my head "jerks" and take the opurtunity to stretch my shoulders, paying attention to the lights cos they are about to change.
    Next thing I know, the passenger in the back seat has reached out and has a handful of my arse!!!!!
    I'm totally shocked and stunned. the lights change and I move out. In reflection i should have taken their number plate and reported him for sexual assult or something, but I was a bit suprised at the time.


  2. Damnit, that never happens to me.

    Er, yeah, that's f*ckin shocking. Wankers! You definately should have taken their plates, but since you didn't, if I were you I'd start trying to find it funny so it doesn't end up messing you around.

    Just a bunch of stupid kids. Forget about it.
  3. At least he thought you had a cute ar$e :LOL:

    No sorry its not funny you shoud have grab his hand and broke a finger that would have showed him little plick :shock:
  4. should of gotten there number plate and report it
    but i have to admit es..... guys find girls on bike hot.....
    maybe think about carrying a tazo gun??
    :LOL: :LOL:
  5. :shock: traffic lights.... :roll: people getting groped, people jumping on the back of a strangers bike... what next :?
  6. You might have to start wearing hipster jeans too :LOL:

    I wouldn't have minded if it was me (As long as they were chicks not guys :? ) but you should've given him a carbon fibre knuckle sandwich.

    MAbye we can organise a netrider possee for you and patrol the streets of preston looking for this particular individual.
  7. All pants become hipsters if you bend over or squat down far enough.
  8. Definitly not good. Get their number plates if it happens again.

    They'll slip up one day and end up groping some HD rider that will finish them off.
  9. Thats mental! Some very bizarre stories being posted today. What I recommend you do if that happens again is put on your best gravelly, butch voice and shout in the window "Leave it out". If you leave them with some doubt in their mind then thats enough.
  10. I don't think so - they did this to Eswen because she doesn't look tough or nasty.

    Think about it from her point of view - what is there to do in response to such an assault? An angrier sort of person might have punched, kicked, smashed mirrors, scratched paint, poked eyes, whatever.

    But there's also the fear of immediate reprisals - they could open the car door on you, or get out and belt you up, all sorts of things. Combined with the fact that they were a bunch of rowdy pubescent boys and she's a physically smaller girl.

    F*cking pricks.

    It's a real pity you didn't get their license plates Eswen, that sort of shit should be dealt with publically, legally and very harshly.
  11. No good to get so close to fools like that, I hate being stopped at lights and getting J-walkers come too close to me on my bike, you just never know, and all it takes is a push or bump to unbalance you and your bike will fall over, so I always rev my bike or use my horn when people are too close, most understand and avoid me.
    A couple of times I’ve had drunk pedestrians on a warm summers night try to approach me when im stopped at traffic lights, having an open face helmet makes it easy to tell people to piss off, luckily when I ordered my bike I asked for the .50 cal machine guns as a factory option.
  12. That's shocking Eswen. Get Milos to teach you a martial arts move or three, track them down and give him what for. Then go report the groping to the police, with his numberplate and maybe a description.

    If by some chance the passenger then tried to accuse you of assault you can claim self defence because you were being sexually assaulted.

    Or you could remove his mirror and then say the shock of being groped made you lose balance of your motorbike and in desperation to remain upright you used his mirror for balance and in the process it broke off.
  13. that's insane.

    I know if my BF was with me & something like that ever happened to me, he'd chase the pricks down & let them know what it feels like to be beaten about the head by a guy in armour.

    If I was alone - I'd abuse em.
  14. That is so rude - Poor Es, I probably would have dropped my bike in shock I think. I have had various improper suggestons made to me at Red Lights (which I ignore) but no one has ever touched me whilst I have been on my bike.
  15. Bugger, that never happens to me! Seriously though I try to keep away from carloads of guys cos they either want to drag you off or yell shit at you.

    A carload of giirls on the other hand ........ :grin:
  16. Sorry to read that... It's the last thing you'd expect in traffic, but probably not the last thing I'd expect on Bell street. Glad they didn't give you a fright ending in a tip over.

    Just watch out for that car if you remember what it looks like.
  17. just pathetic behaviour, Eswen, sorry to hear about this. I'm in favour of the Netrider posse, myself.....
  18. That would be the reason why you should wear good solid boots so you can put a big dint in the car door.
  19. I'm so sorry...I was just trying to say hello to a fellow netrider. I would have grabged your hand, but I couldn't reach it!
  20. To prove it was you.... what did it feel like?