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I was given this bike..

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. A mate of mine was moving to a smaller home and he just gave me this bike. He got it a restoration project but didn't achieve much so now it's my turn. I have a few plans for the old girl.
    It's a 1972? TS 185 Suzuki. She's complete, the parts missing from the pic are in the shed including the original lights and indicators, turns over and has great compression. The only thing I need to source/buy/have donated are some replacement fork tubes.
    What I really need is a workshop manual. Anyone out there have one?


  2. The pile of firewood has a greater monetary value :LOL:.
  3. watch this space..................................................!!
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  6. You should be able to get the fork tubes reconditioned (ground and rechromed), if you can work out the correct diameter. Don't ask me who does it in Melbourne though.
  7. This mob do a lot of suspension rebuilds, who knows? maybe they can do wonders for that little bike

    2up it looks a sweet as little bike and would be a hoot to ride I reckon.
  8. Hey 2up, seriously, if you've got the money to spend on this, you'll end up with a bike that has almost disappeared, as have most of the 70s strokers, off-road AND road!

    If you are going to ride it on the road anytime, you probably should chalk in a new set of tyres; I reckon those hoops would be as hard as nails by now....
  9. It's an old 2 stroke single - if it has good compression then he's going to have a pretty straight forward job getting it back on the road.

    hey are a great little bike to have a lot of fun on at legal speeds.

    +1 for what Paul said about tyres - you might also find that a smaller sprocket will help if you are only riding on the road.
  10. I can see it now...matt black paint all over, big gnarly headlamp, clipons, and a redone seat. Awesome.

    Should have fun with this and, as others have said, it shouldn't be too hard to get up to rego standard if the engine is alright.

    Good luck, keep us posted - boingk
  11. Shouldn't the year and date be in the VIN somewhere? Or on the engine? It'll be SOMEWHERE.
  12. Don't pay anyone to do anything on it - it just won't be worth the labor.
  13. I plan to do most of the work myself. I find it more satisfying. You feel like you have achieved something when you've finished.
  14. 2up, do you know how long you're looking at to do this project?

    I reckon it'll be fantastic once you're finished. It's fantastic to see someone who wants to take care of an old bike :)

    I reckon it'll also be awesome if you repaint it in the original colours!

    Be sure to keep us updated!
  15. if you want to do the fork tubes on the cheap, try the 'fill the pitting with resin and sand mirror smooth' technique. it's supposed to have fairly good results, if not incredibly durable.
  16. Yeah, good man!
  17. Go the scallops!