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I was accidentally speeding today

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. :eek::eek:
    I was doing about 10 k's over the posted limit. I'm lucky I didnt drift into a tree and drown.

  2. Shame Shame you hoon you, What about the Children. ;)
  3. Naughty naughty.
  4. Great -- you realise society will now crumble into a post apocalyptic concrete jungle where UV intolerant zombies will eat our brains because of that 10kph over the limit

    Do you understand the butterfly effect it will have on the space and time continuum

    Best get yourself to the office of your state MP and prostrate on the ground and beg for forgiveness screaming I am not worthy ( for as the lame stream media always tells us "The Man" AKA Big Bro always knows whats best for us all )

    Bah I am repulsed by your actions but strangely I can not look away
  5. in that vortex of high speed and terror did it make it clearer which is better, lord of the rings or avatar :LOL:
  6. They have as much chance as my team has -- oh and my team is the Newtown Jets :)
  7. I was wondering why seven kittens exploded for no apparent reason today...

  8. Yeah thats right --- ask any righteous MP or Road Revenue Officer I mean Safety Officer and they will tell you - every time you speed God kills seven kittens
  9. That implies it wasn't clear in the first place. Lord of the Rings (as a trilogy) is sitting on its thrown of King of all movies forever. Avatar has the honour of being granted the job of polishing LotR's turds until they shine.
  10. I made that point in the thread where the police dude said it haha, but im curious how you drift into a tree and drown? In blood maybe :D.
  11. omg how many babies did you kill?
  12. Brilliant!! That's awesome, and here I was trying to bat off seven times a day to get the job done...
  13. Nope, in a sea of official bullshit.
  14. i don't like kittens so i am trying my best to rid the world of them 8-[

  15. You don't like kittens! How can you not like Kittens! If you prepare them right, they taste wonderful.
  16. [​IMG]

    Dead budgie or not, I'm hungry!
  17. Kentucky Fried Kitten. Finger licking good!
  18. Its the only pussy many members on this site get a chance to eat
  19. No such thing as accidentely speeding,

    Ask any traffic cop and he will tell you, I had one say to me that there was no such thing as a dangerous road either. ???????????????????????????

    All those Babies and kittens you deliberately Killed, Shame on you. shame.

    I am so glad that you didnt get killed or maimed by that tree you were supposed to slide off the road and hit. Killing you instantly,
  20. pleeeaseeee wont some one think of the tree's -- brought to you by greenpeace