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I wanted a project bike... but not like this

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Brando, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. #1 Brando, Mar 22, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2014
    Last night I thought it would be good to go for a quick ride around town just as it was getting dark. It had been raining very lightly but I thought nothing of it. I was an idiot.
    It was the roundabout on Riddell Rd and Phillip Drive in Sunbury that got me. I started to accelerate out, the bike was still leaned over and then I was on the ground. I think I probably hit about 40km/h before landing. The mark on the road is less than 10m long... I think.
    The left side of the bike took the damage.
    The indicator light is there it's just inside the fairing. (The seat is fine I just took it off)

    From what I can tell I've damaged the frame that holds the headlight fairing in place, the mirror, clutch leaver, gear leaver, left bar end, left footpeg, and various fairing pieces. The tank has a spot about 1mm diameter where the bar hit it.

    I was lucky in that a rider in his car was following me, stopped traffic and helped me get the bike off the road, made sure that all the pieces of my bike were collected and then followed me home with the parts I couldn't carry. Thanks Rod and family (if you're on here).

    My gear did it's job. The jeans (rhok) got one hole where my boot slid on them. Other than that they weren't damaged.
    My jacket has a few marks now too. I slid on my lower back/butt by the look of it. The right elbow has the biggest hole where I assume I put my arm on the ground as I slid. The left elbow has a couple of scuff marks (the side I actually fell on). I didn't get the chance to test the back protector out luckily.
    And my boot.

    My helmet hit the ground so it'll need to be replaced. The visor couldn't be put back on at the scene but when I got home I got it back on. The internal visor helped when I was riding back home and it started to rain.

    I got a friction burn on my left elbow from the jacket, a sore finger and a sore hip. I've been checked by the doctor and he says I'm fine and I just have bruising.

    What did I learn?
    How quickly an accident can happen I reckon there was less than a second between rolling the throttle and being on the ground.
    I knew that the road was slippery/going to be oily but I acted like it wasn't and that was a very stupid thing to do.

    I'll try and get the bike down to the mechanic today or Tuesday and see what he says in regards to cost to repair and check that structurally it's okay (I think it is but it should be checked). With any luck I might be able to get a new clutch leaver and shift leaver straight away, the rearset might take a little longer to replace. That'll at least get the bike ride-able in the short term.
    Now to start looking for replacement fairing parts.
    Link to the other images.
    P.S Hopefully this is the right area to post, it was a toss up between here and general.
  2. Very Glad your okay, bikes can be fixed..
    Ride safe
  3. Looks like boots was a good idea over a pair of runners.

    Glad you're ok and hopefully you get the bike up and going again soon.
  4. Wet roundabouts are the Devil's work......
    Glad you're ok. And hopefully you'll get that lovely red beast back to normal real soon.
  5. If the bar hit the tank, I'd be surprised if the lock stop on the frame hasn't broken off. That might write it off in itself. But let's hope for the best.
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  6. Do you mean the steering lock or something that stops the bars after a certain amount of lock? I just checked the steering lock and it still worked both ways.
    I think the left bar rotated on the fork (clip on) because it's about 5mm closer to the tank at full lock than the right.
    Only the mechanic will be able to tell me the truth of it though. :arghh:
  7. Glad you are ok, I also know from experience how quickly it can turn to shite. Hopefully the bike will fix.
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  8. I too can vouch for how quickly it all goes tits up!
    Glad you're okay Brando
  9. I'm always amused by the experts who pontificate about what could have been down in situations like this, when we all know that it happens so quickly only a Stoner or a Rossi could have had a different result.....
  10. Glad the gear worked and you're ok.

    I hope it's just a streetfighter/chinese fairing fix.
  11. Upon further inspection the radiator shroud fairing is broken into 3 pieces (clean breaks). I'm probably going to try getting it plastic welded first off if that's not going to be any good I think I'll try the airtech single piece fairing.
    It at least looks like it shouldn't fall apart when you take the fairing off the bike like the Honda ones.
    I don't think I'll streetfighter it as much as I want a streetfighter, VFR's just don't look good naked.
    And thanks for the concern, I was a bit sore today but really no worse than if I was pushed down some stairs, not many just a few. :wacky:

    I got a new lid today (get back on the horse and all that) as well as a couple bolts so I could but the bar ends back on. (I can't have odd bolts holding them in even though only one needed to be replaced now can I?)
  12. Good stuff - there are great people in this world. (y)

    Very glad you're okay.
  13. Sorry to here you lost it.Good to here your ok .Hope your back asap on the road.Nice helmet
  14. Hey mate, sorry to hear. It happens.

    Hope you had a beer afterwards.. Always helps to laugh a little. Certainly if you walked away from it :D

    Rat VFR!!!
  15. What a bugger, hopefully your bike can be repaired. That's a nice new helmet, similar to mine but you have a lot more of the lighter colours. Shocking to see the damage to your boot too, even from a moderate speed, it really shows their worth in saving your feet and ankles from damage.
  16. Glad you're ok mate.... the upshot is the bike is just cosmetically affected....

    what do you think of the new lid? I tried one on and it felt good, but the tinted visor rested on my big shnoz, which i know would drive me batty...
  17. I haven't ridden with the new lid yet but it felt comfortable in the shop. It's actually a size smaller than my last one, apparently they changed the fits. The visor doesn't hit my nose where the old one would occasionally when riding. The only way to know is by testing it though.
    I'll report back on it shortly actually. I'm going to take the beast* out for a spin right after I've had a shower.

    *The beast is the Spada :LOL:
  18. It doesn't look like I can edit my last post.
    The helmet is very quiet.

    In other news I've taken the front fairing off and I'm finding more work for myself. The instrument cluster and headlight brackets need repair. :(
  19. Glad your ok Brando. I know Rod the guy who helped you, he's a good bloke.
  20. Good to see you're ok and that there was someone around to help. Hope to hear you're out riding again soon (rain or not):p