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I want your money...................!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by michaelc54, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I have a totally unrelated request that is aimed squarely at your hip pocket!

    We splash money on ourselves and our shiny bikes. We try not to count the cost of riding because it is expensive and we complain like mad when it rains but......

    Over 100,000 people sleep rough every night in Australia including families with little kids, incredible in a country like ours

    And how much has it rained in NSW over the last few nights?

    A Lot!!!!

    So I am sleeping out for just one night and I want you to sponsor me

    So hit this link and give a few bucks back to St Vinnies


    Type Combley into the SEARCH CEO's box

    Then hit the DONATE BUTTON

    The cost of a couple of about 5 litres of fuel will be just enough to ease your conscience

    The price of a couple of cups of coffee might save you from fire and brimstone

    A donation might keep you safe on the road


    Thanks in Advance

    Michael Combley

    And thanks Admin for tolerating this post
  2. Tolerant though Admin are, shouldn't this be in Off Topic Stuff?
  3. Yeah thats a good thing it rained, and we need more of it!
    have fun camping mate!
  4. Moved... I'm starting to get annoyed at lazy users posting in wrong forums. Might be time for a work to rule campaign again...

    Good luck on the fundraising.
  5. Good for you mate! Good luck with it!
  6. Can we bet on you if you fight someone else doing the same thing?