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I want to teach my wife how to ride.....but

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Teal aaaaahhh!, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. I don't have a 250 or small bike for her to ride...she's certainly not hopping on the TL or the Bol D'or! :?

    I am after a very cheap CB250 or similar...or maybe a borrow of one (rent) until she learns how to control it. It doesn't even need to be registered...I have a large enough area for her to leanr the basics.

    Anyone got any ideas? Or maybe know of someone with an old CB250T (I only suggest this because I know them inside out)???

    Thanks in advance :cool:
  2. is it an option for her to do the HART/Stay Upright learners course where they supply the bike? (from personal experience it was the best thing I did many years ago when I got my licence).

    Also, not sure if its still running in Victoria, but one of the Two Wheels female journos used to organise a 'women on wheels' day once a year for people who had no experience on bikes.

    Only other thing I can say is its great to get more girls riding!! :)

  3. So you are teaching her to ride. Are you aiming for a divorce? :LOL:

  4. ...that's the plan :LOL:
  5. Was just going to say that....my ex and I split up after she learned to ride!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can recommend a GN250...that's what I started on as it was small, light and bugger all power for me to get myself in trouble with. I was able to lift it into a trailer by myself when I needed to move it.

    Never mind I grew out of it *very* quickly (riding everywhere everyday) and I blew it up on a long trip.

    It cost me bugger all to run it and, although daggy, kept my love of riding alive!