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i want to ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by XLAR8, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. i just wanted to hop on and ride today, but i couldn't (well not far) why cause iam sick as a dog.

    why am i sick as a dog...

    *)cause it has been pi$$ing down rain here... no i have gear to keep me worm and dry.

    *)cause disease riddled maggots who come to work sick and spread their germs around and make us all sick.... bingo we have a winner


    now iam going to roll over and die... see you all in the afterlife

  2. Patience will reward. :)
  3. Better to be sick on a crappy weekend than a good one...
  4. Sorry to hear you're unable to go for a decent ride - I feel your pain.

    It was beautiful weather in Sydney for a ride over the weekend but I sold my bike on Thursday and my new one isn't available till tomorrow. This is my first time in over 4 years without a bike. In fact it is my first time that have gone more than a day without going for a ride and I miss it bad.
  5. yeah i know what you mean. i wish i could ride every day. well, i do ride every day, but only to work and back :-({|=

    try not to die before sunday huh? i don't wanna be the biggest n00b there (that said, i still could be...)
  6. I hear ya.

    I literally never used to get sick, I had 'vertigo' towards the end of year 11 & that was the last time I got so sick that I didn't want to get out of bed. Worked in a factory after year 11 for 2 years and used to wash the paint rollers outside with a hose at 5am in the morning at Ingleburn which is pretty damn cold out there, never got sick once. As soon as I moved jobs and got into an office probably two weeks later I had to take a couple of sick days, I'm no germophobe, but people don't stay home when their sick, they'd rather come to work sick as a dog sniffing, sneezing, coughing all over the place and a later on in a conversation, they say "oh I'm going to take a sick day on XX because I've got my kids school swimming/athletics carnival on".. rant over I guess.
  7. Worm obsession? No wonder you're sick and want to ride!8-[
  8. typo's are forgivable when one is sick...

    and as parker said about having a sickie when not sick, this guy that infected us at work had one today so he could hook up with a chick.

    i did over hear at work today that if people are sick they are going to tell them to go home (now they have said this in the past, here is hoping they stick to it this time).
  9. Yeah whats with this weather... As inaccurate as they are, 10 day forecast for me says... Clear tomorrow daytime, then at least a 60, and mostly as much as 100% chance for rain for the following 9 days... wtf!!!!!!!!
    Did just buy a storm suit but i need to practice putting it on. Obviously i did it wrong as all the water just pooled straight to my crotch and leaked in...
  10. I can understand the work necessity of going in no matter what, with job security and all, but it's really very inconsiderate when all that happens is you end up giving everyone else the bug........ and preventing people from riding

    say, if you are dying, could you leave me your bike in your will, I'll pm you my details?? :rofl:!!
  11. the best way to do this is to be a thin man on a thin bike... this way you can just cruse between the droplets