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I want to learn motorcycle maintenance/mechanics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Already posted a thread on this but changed the name so its more appropriate. Wondering how anyone else managed to learn how to work on their bikes. Books, apprenticeships, courses, people etc.

    Im really interested if there is anyone in SA willing to lend me some of their time to teach me.

    -Owen :grin:
  2. hey i really want to learn as well but im in nsw. :grin:
  3. Hi Owen,

    Try WEA (adult learning):

    They offer a motorcycle maintenance class every six months. It's about $75-$85, I can't remember, but is definitely worth it. It's two hours for five or so weeks with a saturday morning session.

    It's held in Angus St. in the city.
  4. Thanks for that camhornet. Too bad its all booked out :(
  5. We probably need a spanner session in Adelaide, just to get over the basics with regards to lubing chains, changing oils and filters, adjusting chains, etc.
  6. sooooooo
    how about you book into the next one?
    they usually run these a few times a year.
  7. I wish there was a way you could learn the full ins and outs of fixing motors, diagnosing problems, etc without having to go through an apprenticeship. I dont want to do it for a living, i just want to be able to work on engines of any type!

    Does anyone know of courses like this? Beyond just maintanence?
  8. Wow that site has heaps of info. There is no way i could use those diagrams alone to teach me though! :LOL:
  9. I've been wondering the same thing for a while.

    For adequate information on maintenance and mechanics I bought 'complete idiots guide to motorcycles.' :p
    It was very helpfull actually.

    But to learn the more technical stuff, u really need someone to show u. On these forums, I offered 70$ to anyone in brisbane who could spare a few hours teaching me...but nobody has replied yet.

    Another idea is to go to ur local bike shop and ask a mechanic if he could spare a few hours (maybe on the weekend) to show u his stuff, and of course offer to pay otherwise he'd probably tell u to beat it.
  10. Flirt with someone who's very mech-educated. Not meaning to stereotype, but I personally don't know any chicks who are mechanically minded.
  11. you're pretty much already able to learn some maintenance by checking out netrider.

    pick up on the small things first like chain maintenace, oil coolant etc. changes, bike checks etc..
    just do a search.

    a little bit at a time dont rush into opening up a motor yet
    or you can get a book on the fundamentals of whatever bikes, engines.